GPU issue

I have 8600gt which was working pretty fine uptil now,it was crashing after half an hour of gameplay.So i decided to take it out of slot and clean dust around its heatsink and fan,but when i put the card back in the slot it stopped giving any display even though its fan is rotating.I checked it on my friend's pc and same problem persists there too .So any advice from members here what shall i do are there any repair shops in karachi who can handle this problem ??

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What did you use to clean the card? And also post about its manufacturer and the place where you bought it.

Do you have a UPS?

Could it be that your GPU burned out after Electric fluctuation .


Manufacture of card is MSI and i bought it from sasi arcade in clifton .Its out of warranty cuz i bought it 2 years back

@ defurry

Though i have a ups ,but i dont run my pc with it

Did this happen after light fluctuation?

Also you might consider giving it to someone, who you know is trustworthy. You could also give it to a friend who will give the card sayin its his, that way the shopkeeper won't mess with it. If not then I am sorry you don't have any choice but to give it to the place where you bought it, and chances are that they might Lootafy you or maybe not.

consider itis dead .

the chip /processor is dead / burnt . no matter the fan is working.

Problem resolved ,got it fixed from my friend who ihappens to be a hardware expert .It was only a matter of carbon that was blocking gpu's transistors .Its working like a charm now

When you say carbon, do you mean oxidized?

Is there any link which could describe this?

^ Yeah He mean Oxidized.

btw any1 know that WD40 is work fine for mobo n gpu ?