Google Street Views

Google decided to expand the USA to photograph vehicles and street map in your program using Google Street View moved to pedal a tricycle. The idea is to expand the network of roads documented by the system, including panoramic images of parks, and themed streets of pedestrians.

With the name "Street View trike, the tricycle has the same three-dimensional camera usually mounted in cars, with the advantage of being able to travel by roads and tracks of land.

In England, the Google partnership signed with the agency VisitBritain, which has offered to map British castles, coastal paths, natural wonders, historic monuments and buildings, and sports stadiums.

The agency will also conduct research with the local public, who elect new locations to be mapped around the world. The tricycle begin their mission in Genoa, Italy. In England, the vehicles only during the European summer, because of low light and the weather closed. Since its launch in 2007, Google Street View has already mapped more than 100 cities worldwide.

The vehicle has been seen moving U.S. universities Penn State, San Diego State and University of San Diego, Santa Monica, Monterrey, and even on the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. The park Legoland, near Carlsbad, Calif., has also been visited.

The company is taking the proper care not to create more trouble in the matter of privacy, which has clothes for manga in countries like Germany. Faces and car plates will be pixel and any user can demand the removal of images they consider inappropriate on the site of the tool.

In the two photos below you will see the rider's Google-cartógafo, Martin DF Angelo, 27, traveling with the tricycle on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania on 19/06/2009.

- The camera sometimes arouses reactions suspicious of older people but young people always enjoy the parade. - Angelo says. - The most common complaint of people is that pixeles their faces in the database: the vast majority love the images appear sharper.







in iphone you can view the google street view ;) but i just seen the USA only !!!!!!! any ways its awesome

thats called WORK !

They have got proper cars for that in the States and that's why they couldn't cover the smaller areas. Google Street View has been around for a while and God knows, how much I have used it because without these maps, it's easy to get lost especially when you driving down a highway.

This view is also availeable for many cities of Europe. Its really wonderful 3D experience.

Another interesting product is Bing Maps 3D.

google taking over the internet game very quickly , i am hopefull in next 10-20 years a normal internet user would be able to preview live video from any part of the world .