Google Play Sotre not working for 2 or 3 days...?

No problem working fine

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Flashed a new ROM. Google Play stopped working again after rebooting for the second time.

Try using a VPN on your phones and see if it works.

Now we will be using vpns to use playstore, fk ptcl

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lolz :lol:

this might be temporary glitch they will fix it for sure their kids uses the same playstore to download apps so they are aware of this...

hope for the best ^_^

Actually they themself want to resolve the so called glitch but these monkeys have no idea how to fix the glitch.. they aint no IT professional, majority of them are plumbers etc.. wanna kick them hard on their back by God

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Mine's working again.

Nope its not working at my end.

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I have to use spot flux for the play store... ptcl is doing some thing with play store :S

My play store work from my office but not from home

Working now on Evo Cloud. Few days back giving error on my DSL

guys this fault is from ptcl

but dont wory i have solution but little bit difficult

what u need?



3-and than a software called (connectify)

4-last one a software called hotspotshield or spotflux

download these software in ur lapi

first download spotflux>install>enable it

than download connectify>install>and start it(this is a wifi hotspot software)

when software started a little window open there is a password
on the last of window there is a option to start wifi hotspot or connectify click it
now pick ur android phone scan the phone to search wifi ur phone will search and than a network shown on ur phone name connectify click it and give the password

the password will shown on the laptop in the window of connectify
if anyone have problem than tell me

check these pics for assistance

It stopped working, again -.-

it's working now

Its working ptcl now.. how can these idiots block these important applications.

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Its working ptcl now… how can these idiots block these important applications.

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told you about it they will fix it

I had the very same frustrating problem for many days and none of the solutions worked at all! At one time I believed my phone's firmware got messed up so flashed a new firmware and lost all my old programs and stuff! :(...Finally after much research I figured out the perfect solution! Actually most of the ptcl helpline representatives are inexperienced and can't help you at all unless some senior expert is consulted. I happened to come across a set of video tutorials provided by PTCL. After following that for my modem my problem has been fixed! I would suggest all the affected ones to go thru these videos and find the one corresponding to your modems. Set up your modems accordingly and hopefully that would be a fix!

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