Google Insights (a new tool)


Pretty useful for keeping tabs on the rising trends.

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With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.

Google Insights



Six Muslim countries in the top ten list


^ Please not that again :o


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^ Please not that again :o

Man, we Muslims need to marry early


It shows your mentality that you deliberately search for "sex" trends. No wonder the name of the country is so high on that list. :rolleyes:

I still maintain that Google Trends is not correct on this issue as it itself states.


this is an old observation (not mine) that a person looking for porn wont search sex on google


pakistan zindabad.

note: india has more muslims than pakistan

nice list, or controlled by the jews?

Observation: People search for porn typing "sex" when they are computer illiterate, not 1337 like us, we know how to find the good porn dont we;)

and how can google trends be wrong with this? the us/jews making this up??


how difficult is it to generate search queries looking like it originates from another country?

its not impossible I guess...


firestorm: so who do you think does that? the u.s government? israeli's trying to make us look bad, but visiting child porn sites by spoofing !@#$ i.p.'s?

or is it them using the huge amounts of high speed great stability !@#$ proxies that we are known for?

please answer honestly, id love to understand your perspective


Qillar, this is not a political forum. Please read the forum rules and refrain from giving this thread a political twist.


politics aside, do people thing google trends is tainted/altered?


^ No, but it is not sufficiently intelligent. A query for sex, as Shakil posted, might point to sex as in gender OR sex as in sexual intercourse. How do you differentiate between the two solely on the basis of the query? There are many meanings of sex as you can see below:

sex (sks)



a. The property or quality by which organisms are classified as female or male on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions.

b. Either of the two divisions, designated female and male, of this classification.

2. Females or males considered as a group.

3. The condition or character of being female or male; the physiological, functional, and psychological differences that distinguish the female and the male. See Usage Note at gender.

4. The sexual urge or instinct as it manifests itself in behavior.

5. Sexual intercourse.

6. The genitals.

tr.v. sexed, sex·ing, sex·es

1. To determine the sex of (an organism).

2. Slang

a. To arouse sexually. Often used with up.

b. To increase the appeal or attractiveness of. Often used with up.


^ Totally valid point. In cases like this, it is impossible to find out what the masses were truly looking for. Therefore, one can only speculate, using reasoning, logic, etc, to help provide the most likely solution to this riddle.

Asad, you seem smart, tell me do you think the majority of pakis that type "sex" into google were:

A. Researching for gender division, for further education, such as organism reproduction, genetic determination, etc

[Take into account pakistan's biological education institutions, etc, as well as personal, non-academic desire to learn of said fields]

B. Pornography

[Take into account pakistan's culture towards intercourse]

NB: Obviously whatever you believe is true, doesn't affect reality. However in areas like this, opinion based on evidence is all that we are left with.


also have a look at this