Google earth

I just want to ask that when will google earth will update lahore ,,,, on wht basis they update ? Any guru can tell in detail???????

what kind of updates about lahore do u want google to give in google earth?

there are many other cities worldwide that are having only satellite images in google earth. and Google only gives imagery updates on regular basis.

also gives some detailed views but only for the cities like New York.

but google gives you the option to update your city if you want so.

you can give street names, even can point full addresses on earth.

you can take photos and upload to the earth database or one of the partners of earth like Panoramio

you can also build 3D buildings and upload to google earth. see what other users have done for it

download google sketchup and start working on, if you want to contribute.

update your city just in your own way. :)

i just want to ask...update area wise.... like in new housing project.... if we get wanna get info that how much progress of working going on there....

^I think I already have told this. google updates imagery on regular basis. you see the updates directly on your Google Earth after a few minutes or a few hours when they are updated on their server

you can learn about the updates on google earth in following official blog

Google also invites volunteers to contribute on Google Maps.

and also on Google Earth as well as described in above post.

if you think it's late then you can do it your self.

I once got through the GOOGLE EARTH...but the locations weren't clear in the map and I couldnt get some help from the map however...

Do u people find it useful,,????

Bellseker i think your not gettin him, he is sayin like just now when i was lookin my area here in satelite view, the newly build underpass still doensnt show on satelitte. Infact there is a chowrangi which was destryed 4 years back. SO google havent updated my area yet. But the 2nd underpass build in naazim abaad is updated and you can see it on satellite veiw

yes, that's what I said in both of my posts above

Google updates satellite imagery on regular basis. do not think that it's live. if the new buildings are in town then they might not be updated on Google Earth on the same time. so you have to wait for it untill Google updates the new imagery..

other information I just gave for as an extra knowledge. you may want it :) waiting too.... 4 saal hogaye....:(

^try to update you Google Earth.

and what is your internet connection speed. is it better with streaming?

tell me the area/city what you are looking for in it.

let my try once.

bellskar the satellite imagery of Karachi is old,taken somewhere around 1998-99. regularly updating satellite imagery using commercial satellites do cost money and google normally 'stitch' up old imagery most of the time. Some regions like US etc are updated frequently .

I didn't meant by regularly as daily. it could be monthly or may be yearly. any thing......

but like 1998 or 1999 is a lot back I guess. I can't comment about Karachi updates. because I never have been in there. but you can search google about updates and news. I also linked above some blogs.

but here in Lahore and also adjoining cities sheikhupura, faisalabad.... those are under development as well. even have updates on Google earth for months back or may be in a year back or two but not as much long back as 1998.

I also found on an article updated on earth blog. that very recent imagery of Islamabad was updated on google earth as of last Dec. 2008

any ways. I never can give exact date time when they update and when the dont :)