Google Custom Domain....?

Any1 having detailed info about GOOGLE CUSTOM DOMAIN INFO...

I searched net but didnt get reasonable info...

So any1 of any help???

It's Google Apps for Business:

Basically, you own the domain and some of the services (like email, etc) are provided via Google (e.g. GMail).


So what about making a blog with instead of

I haven't read the details regarding whether Google provides web hosting facilities too or not. To make a blog, you need some server space hosted somewhere.

if You Want to HOST a BLOG on Blogspot and Want to Use it with your .com domain then you can use it ,

there is a option in Blogspot , You need to change Your Domain's CNAME Recrods according to Google's ,

And if You want to use Google Domain Services i think You are talking About Google Apps , In Case

You Can start from Here

^yes I am talking about .com domain...

Can I use .com with my blog on blogspot free of charge..How??

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^yes I am talking about .com domain…

Can I use .com with my blog on blogspot free of charge…How??


I knew and disappointment:|

You have to buy a domain name, obviously! :P