Google Block Sites

Have you ever experience google blocking the entire website around the world with its so called badware detection software...If your website is tag [this site potential harmful to your computer] or something like that you won't be able to access the site from the Google Search results but you can when directly typing the url on the url address box..

So do you think this is good for the future...when google start selecting one by one and put that tag on your website.

Man google has some issues last night, but it is fixed now. It doesnt show any sites now. Read Google was actually got hacked or something like that. It was showing its own domain as potentiolly dangerous. That happened last night all over the world but google people fixed it. Here are some screenshots. :)


BBC Urdu is also harmfull. LOL


^Can't see pic? Ahh I got another screen shot I saved last night. :P

Don't open google. Its not your friend anymore.

from google Blog

Yesterday google was messing up,it wasn't allowing torrent sites to open.Google is acting like a dictator now a days :D ahh we got many other options too

First of all. If a website is marked as 'This site may harm your computer' on a Google search, you CAN access it via that link. It just shows a warning page and you have to click 'Continue to page' or something like that to visit the website.

Second, I don't understand why the world is making such a huge deal about it. Obviously it was a glitch which was fixed relatively fast, and it didn't really cause any major problems.