Google adsene pin request

i want to ask from adsene user frm pakistan,that what is the procedure for getting pin of your google adsene acount,as i have my acount,they have genrated my pin on 19.3.2009,how long time it will require to recive me?any 1 using google adsene and what about receiving money from western union is it easy? or receive money direct to our acount which method is easy?can they email the pin,as i have earlier requested a ubuntu cd but i never recived it,is it pakistan post fault or any other problem,which courier google use for delivering there products documents

^ took about 5 days for the pin to reach me

where do u live i mean city and do u recieve it by pakistan post or any other corier,what was ur payment method for reciveing money any sugesstion

^ i am in Islamabad and yes it was delivered by pakistan post and the payment method was via western union

ok thanks so it hasbeen genrated on 19.3.2009 will i gei in the end of this month what do u think

I generated on 9th march still waiting :( dude never trust these post office peole. Go to there nearest centre which delivers post to your area and tell the person who have all the daak of your area that your lifafa will come and do deliver it to me it is rrally important. another thing visit them before 10 am.

thanks dear for your information as i have not any realation with any post office guy,and also i don't now any 1,plz do u know any other way to get pin,as i googled it and it came into my knowledge that sending ur identy proof to google adsene for your adress like ur credit card bill,telephone bill etc to google adsene help cenetr for adress verification purpose and they will send the pin in email,

u will recieve it in 3-4 weeks as told by google and as happens..

Don't know about the bill thing yeah just wait for some days and weeks I'am sure your just crossed the 10$ limit. So it will take some time to reach 100$ so wait :D

It depends on your location and postal services of our country.

^Pin is delivered through regular mail.

^ Havent recived my pic yet :(

Will take more then a month, mine took 5 weeks If i remember correctly.

Dont worry about it, you will get it.

You can request 2nd PIN letter.