Good use of Rs.100 note

:lol: :lol: Great Yar!

And Wot happens if that "Bacha" does not deliever that note to "Jaan" and instead give preference to keep that note in his pocket for Future "Aalo Cholay" and "GoAL Gappay" Program....! :P

i am amazed at tha way of sending msg to JAN .... :)

smart man he might be who sent this 100 rupee note .......

That's an expansive SMS package!!

Rs 100 for one text message! :o


Where is the bullshit! check this out. I think Urdu is our mother language.

And :

جدید عربی اردو المنجد لغات691 page no

publisher دار الاشاعت کراچی۔

العورت: جس سے ڈرا جاے، ھر وہ امر جس سے شرم کی جاے،

انسان کے وہ اعضاء جن کو چھپایا جاے