Good postpay service option

Hi all,

folks, i need some advice regarding good postpaid service as i am thinking about switching to postpay service from telenor prepay service(port my number if required).

i can get tariff from respective service website, what i need is ur postpay experience :)

*bit info about my usage + wishlist*

- i don't text much, maybe around 100-150 msgs/month, same goes for the browsing (maybe bcoz its bit expensive in prepay world).

- i am not much concerned if my to-be-new-postpay-service-provider charges 5 paisa more per call but voice add-on package like one in telenor persona would be great.

- Convenient bill payment solution (like ufone/warid bill could be paid using few internet banking) + web access for my calling record would be legendary :D



in my opinion Mobilink Indigo is way better than Ufone Postpay.


Mobilink: easy to understand, very clearly partitioned, Payable by MCB virtual banking

Ufone: very poor detail. always called their help line to get clear of messed up things. Payable by MCB virtual banking


Mobilink: pretty obvious good service to postpaid customers than the prepaid ones. never waited on 111 more than 1 minute mostly. very rarely get it up to 2 min.

Ufone: every thing gets in one Plate. mixed up. I waited more on helpline to be connected as same as I have had waited while being on prepaid. :/

Customer Service

Mobilink: very honored. respect full to the postpaid customers.

Ufone: good but again found as same as for prepaid.


I am sorry i can't give you any hint. I very rarely see what are the rates for a call right now. because I think no one gives you from their own pocket. they are just making fool refining the rates in very similar way and very quickly. you dont even know what they actually deduct and what you use in real.

any ways

these are the main differences what I think should be cared of.

and i have converted from Ufone Postpay to Prepay a year back with unsatisfying reasons. so how their current service to their Postpaid Customers is. I really dont guess.

still using Mobilink Indigo. and I prefer it over any other. I didn't wish for even testing others because just happy with it. with above characteristics.

I see very clear cut difference of Mobilink's response to their Postpaid and Prepaid customers

and What about Warid Postpaid

what if we use nothing but gprs on indigo then what are the charges??

Indigo , best

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what if we use nothing but gprs on indigo then what are the charges??

-I see that GPRS charges are most expensive in Mobilink if you dont use any Data Plan.

-[per my experience] GPRS is available in many places like others. but Mobilink EDGE is not covering as much areas as Ufone. I can’t even get at Gulberg III at my office. but some times when I am out of the room and at some locations on the roof and moving my hand in the air it get E on the corner

-They give FLASH to extend GPRS/EDGE speed even more faster like about 3 times. but that is also on some places covering more areas than the EDGE. so the users can get benefited if they are not receiving EDGE signals. (It costs Rs.30/month aside from any data plan. you can avail it also if you dont have any data plan and paying as per usage).

It is not a service but a technique to compress the data before transferring. They call it FLASH.

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and What about Warid Postpaid

One of my colleagues is using Warid Postpaid for a couple of years. and he Satisfied with it.

I am sorry. I can not give you any opinion.