Gmail on wateen

I can't browse gmail on wateen connection. Ihave to use outlook to download gmail inbox but with very slow speed.

Please give me the solution.

same here too. . .

Are you using Windows Vista? I had this problem when I started using Wateen. I did some small changes in my Windows to correct the problem. The problem is that the wireless link (from Wateen CPI device to base station) can take a payload of length about 672 (forgot the exact number) and your computer tries to send a larger packet. So an ICMP error is returned. Windows software should have automatically fixed the length after getting this ICMP, which it was not doing. So I manually had to shorten the value of MTU. If you search by my usr id or by the word MTU in the main WiMax forum, you will find the solution.

May be better solution is to start using some Linux distro e.g. Ubuntu ;-)