Get SMS Delivery Notifications on iPhone-Warid?



I found this code *o# but it didn't work for me :(

Any body knows of any other trick please?

...found it here:


didn't work on mine either, ive got mobilink


That works if your phone supports the delivery notification.


so does that mean the iphone does not support sms delivery notification?


Being so expensive, how come it would not have this tiny feature


i read somewhere that apple plans to add the feature in 2.2 although i couldn't find a similar feature on apple 2.2 firmware feature-list.

i am planning to upgrade tonight. will be able to tell if the feature has been added or not.

if any other member has already upgraded to 2.2, please make us wiser :)


SMS delivery - I didn't know it didn't support it. Oh well :/

The iPhone doesn't support MMS either (natively)!


i heard it doesn't have group sms and sms forwarding feature too


Can the fact be confirmed by someone? i.e Missing of SMS delivery notification feature in iPhone?



it supports group messaging but for message forwarding you have to install third party software


it does not have message delivery function!