Generator oil change

Its time to change the oil of my 2KV generator which I bought a month ago. However it seems there is not separate place to remove the old oil???

The only place is the one where you put oil. So I guess I will have to lie the generator down on one side and wait till all the old oil is removed and then turn it up and put the new oil from the same place.

Is that how you guys do it???


There should be a nut lower down at the "belly" of

the engine, most likely in the front, pointing towards

the ground, at an angle, so as to facilitate oil removal.

Some are quite conspicuous (colored plastic, black

hose with clip, etc). Others, not so much, as they

are metallic and blend-in with the engine's other

bolts and nuts.

It would've best if you had a genset manual laying

around to consult. But if you have trouble locating

one, you could always walk into a showroom which

is stocking gensets like yours and ask the salesman

to show you the nut you are looking for.




Sheikh 'Nutty' Chilli

As sheikh_chilli said look fo the drain plug (nut) directly below the oil inlet/gauge. if none then just lay it on its side and drain all the oil out. Word of advise is not to use OPEN oils. always use branded SEALED oil.