Hello Everybody

I have some Qs. about the topic 'Gay';

1.What is this?

2.Why someone have this situation?

3.Is it natural?If yes,so in biological point of view how it

came in humans?In couple who is responsible for this act

i.e;in children this comes from mother/father?

4.Why older men used boys for sex and vice versa?Although they have their wives?

5.IF someone know that he/she is a gay personality so why

they get married?


man this aint a GAY forum its a technology forum

so plz keep the GAYS out of it



This page answers all of your questions.


Google is your friend.


gay (gā) pronunciation

adj., gay·er, gay·est.

1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.

2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.

3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.

4. Given to social pleasures.

5. Dissolute; licentious.


1. A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex.

2. A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.

[Middle English gai, lighthearted, brightly colored, from Old French, possibly of Germanic origin.]

gayness gay'ness n.

USAGE NOTE The word gay is now standard in its use to refer to people whose orientation is to the same sex, in large part because it is the term that most gay people prefer in referring to themselves. Gay is distinguished from homosexual primarily by the emphasis it places on the cultural and social aspects of homosexuality as opposed to sexual practice. Many writers reserve gay for males, but the word is also used to refer to both sexes; when the intended meaning is not clear in the context, the phrase gay and lesbian may be used. Gay is often considered objectionable when used as a noun to refer to particular individuals, as in There were two gays on the panel; here phrasing such as Two members of the panel were gay should be used instead. But there is no objection to the use of the noun in the plural to refer collectively either to gay men or to gay men and lesbians, so long as it is clear whether men alone or both men and women are being discussed. See Usage Notes at homosexual.



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4.Why older men used boys for sex and vice versa?Although they have their wives?

gee, someone is missing someone…

seriously, this topic is gonna close very soon.


tannu is nomi ansari (the designer) is your friend? and what about begum nawzish?


Many years ago, gay meant happiness



it iz stil used in english books like a gay dress

btw guys what is exactly begum nawazish ali? I think he is a man some say he iz she male

but one thing is there that he is realy gud at his/her work


His name is Ali Saleem, but i feel there are some technical issues within his hormones.


tannu are you gay? if you want to check you can use gay radar called gaydar to see if you are gay or not.



@tannu do you have doubts over yourself?

@shoaib ;)


Gay also means being happy or cheerful


@tannu: These kinds of topics are inappropriate for this forum. Please don't post it again.