Gateway notebooks? Any experience?


I've checked out this really nice gateway notebook on their website, and am thinking of asking a relative to bring it over from the USA.

What do you guys think? Is gateway a brand I can trust? Or will my 100k notebook turn out to be a really expensive paperweight over which I won't even be able to claim warranty?

Basically, I want to know if others here have bought/used gateway stuff? Is it a good quality brand?

They are fine notebooks, but you will have no warranty coverage in this country. You are better off getting a HP, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba or Acer with extended warranty coverage in case things go wrong.

They all have nerfed, crappy notebooks or mediocre ones with crazy price-tags. I need a gaming DTR.

They are complete piece of JUNK. I use to do warranty work on their desktops sometimes back and it was a nightmare. STAY AWAY. go will dell, IBM, Sony or toshiba etc.

Gateway had a merger with Acer. It's actually designed and made by Acer now I think. Same way Lenovo took over IBM's PC division and HP took over Compaq.

Gateway's computers were crap a long time ago...their gaming laptops are among the highest rated ones out there by tech enthusiast communities online (HardOCP).

I was also looking at the gateway fx series laptops myself a few months ago...they're really good. I don't know about warranty though....u'll have to hope for the best.

Go get won't be disappointed!

Gateway's computer are good but Accessories like battry,charger,etc not esy Available in Asian

countries i think Toshiba Sony,Dell is best for you.