Gaming System for Sale


hi this is my Gaming system for sale ... Reason for sale is simple that i just dont have time for gaming anymore (Job+MBA = No Time)

AMD AM2 Dual Core 3600+

2 GB RAM DDR3 667MHZ (Carsair)

Nvidia NV6 chipset motherboard from MSI (Built in VGA and Sound)

Nvidia 8800GT 640MB card from MSI

120 + 80 GB Seagate HDD

3 Internal Fans

400W Voltrox Power Supply with 24Amps capability (excellent for heavy VGA)

19Inch Acer 1510 Widescreen (gaming screen)

Its a good PC for gaming .. i play all games maxed out without any problem e.g COD4 , MOH Air Borne , Assasins Creed, Mass Effect but except for Crysis (which off course is a nightmare even on the heaviest PC's) .. price will be quoted upon inquiry


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2 GB RAM DDR3 667MHZ (Carsair)

I think you mean DDR2?


I'm intrested in ur system but without Nvidia 8800GT 640MB tell me ur demand.


8800 ki demand


whats your demand? i need the cpu only, without the monitor.


bro m interested in Proc + Mobo. Kindly tell me the warrenty remaining and ur demand...! reply on 0345-2981394


sorry for the late reply fellas

i can only sell the system in 2 parts ... either buy the whole PC (including the screen) or just the Graphic card .. cant sell individual parts .. and it has a DDR2 RAM (667MHZ)

anyways the PC demand without the graphic card is 25K

Graphic Card is for 17K (market value of brand new is 25K for the 640MB one)

contact me on 321-4003335


the price is drooping day by day


@Localpak: Yar are u trying to increase ur no. of posts by posting such useless comments??

Luk at the date of the last post when the seller made the demand.