Gamers! Where r U all...? Come n Answer..!

Freindz! Here is a list of 4 questions! PC and Console gamerz are requested to submit replies...!

1). Wot were ur 5 most favourite games..?

2). Wot were ur 2 worst games...?

3). U r waiting for which upcoming game in the future...?

4). Ur 3 favourite Game Development Firm...?

Here are answers from my side....!

1). My Top 5 Favourite games are....Gears of war....Resident Evil 4....Tomb Raider underworld....GRAW 2....Fallout 3...!

2). Two worst games were MAFIA and SAS Secure Tomarrow!

3). I m waiting for Gears of war 2 and Resident Evil 5 to come on PC...!

4). Eidos....UbiSoft....Activision!

Now Dudes i m looking for ur interesting replies....!

1. BioShock

2. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchers Bay

3. God of War 1/ Hitman: Blood Money.

4. Resident Evil 4.

5. Devil May Cry 3/ Age of Empires II (multiplayer)


a lot of them, battle of bludges, just cause, wrestling mania, deux and alot but i usually gave up after some time of play when i felt bored.


Bioshock 2 (also bioshock movie is being made by the director of pirates of the caribbean trilogy)

battlefield 1943

COR: Assault on Dark Athena.



Starbreeze Studios.


I wonder why so many people are posting questionnaires of survey in Gamers forum? :/


nfs MW

Assasins creed

call of duty 4




resident evil 4 (pc version)

Nfs prostreet





^really!! resident evil 4 on pc version is that bad?. i played it on ps2 but my friend played it on pc he didn't say anything about being it bad.

Infact the button configuration of Resident Evil 4 on PC is much tough! U can not use mouse but U have to control ur character using Keyboardz Button Only!

But Still it was a graet Game!

Hey Brotherz! Thanx for replies! But I was expecting dozens of rplies from Gamerz...!

Come on Gamerz! Give Responses!

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^really!! resident evil 4 on pc version is that bad?. i played it on ps2 but my friend played it on pc he didn’t say anything about being it bad.

yup it is more than worst :(

just keyboard control even for character movements and looking around…wtf…love first 3 parts of this series but 4 really really sucks


1: God Of War series (GOW1 + GOW2 + GOW: The Chains Of Olympus)

2: Prince Of Persia seies (POP: The Sands Of Time + POP: Warrior Within + POP: The Two Thrones)

3: Hitman Series (Hitman: Codename 47 + Hitman: Silent Assassination+ Hitman: Contracts + Hitman: Blood Money)

4: Splinter Cell series (Splinter Cell 1 + Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow + Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory + Splinter Cell: Double Agent + Splinter Cell: Essentials)

5: Resident Evil 4... played it on PS2 console and it was simply great


Ghost Rider

Knights Of The Temple series

Awaited Upcoming game:


Favourite game developers:




Annihilator! Can u gimme a detail info about GOW..? Actually i hv never heard about that game before...! Is it Shooter game...? Is it oN PC too...?

^ Never heard abt GOW... thats surprising cuz it was a very well received game by critics and fans and was the recipient of many awards. Visit any video gamming website such as gamespot or IGN and u will b able to find detailed info abt it.

Anyway its an action-adventure game based on Greek mythology. I just love the GOW series more than any other game i ever played. Anxiously waiting for the upcoming GOW 3 in PS3. :)

^yup God of War series is an amazing series. 3rd game is gonna be out for ps3.

i loved both games i mean look at my handle kratos24 ... :)

@The Annihilator, dude you got ps3?


your nick tells you are a big fan of GOD OF WAR

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@The Annihilator, dude you got ps3?

No, but my cousin does.