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awwww… i downloaded a 28 GB game cuz of your review… :)

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^ Ah, the legendary ShoukaT returns! :ph34r: Nice to see you again dude, you're not much active nowadays. And thanks for the compliment, it is much appreciated. :)


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^ Ah, the legendary ShoukaT returns! :ph34r: Nice to see you again dude, you’re not much active nowadays. And thanks for the compliment, it is much appreciated. :)



i do stroll around forums but like many other senior members , i find the quality of posts degrading so usually i dont comment on much posts… :)

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btw are you interested in writing detailed game reviews on blogs?


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@ShoukaT You didn’t reply. Was it a fake offer? :rolleyes:


lol no , actually there is a friend who has a games related blog and i have contacted him that i have found you a writer for your blog…

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Game: Game of Thrones

Genre: ARPG

System: [PC], PS3, XBOX360



7/10 Presentation is nice. The game is presented & played in dual-protagonists mode, which means that you play as two heros, and proceed their stories separately chapter by chapter.


6/10 The graphics are outdated, and are only passable for current standards. But keeping in mind that this game has been in development for 7 years, that should be expected due to the outdated engine & whatnot. Still, the main characters look fine, especially the two heroes. The environmental-textures are crappy though...


7/10 The theme music is very nice, the rest of the in-game music are passable aswell. The Voice acting is well done though, especially of the main characters.


9/10 Story is the strongpoint of the game. It is the reason why you should even bother playing this at all. It has quite some tragedy in it. As i said before, there are two protagonists, and both their stories have a slow start, but things gets interesting very soon. And as one may expect, their stories end up on the same paths, but with different goals. I won't spoil it anymore for you, if you play RPG games for the story, then you gotta give this a try.


7/10 The gameplay is kinda generic for the most part. The combat is good though, slow, but engaging, kinda like DAO. It has a dialog-choose system, similar to DAO aswell. In sidequests, sometimes you can choose to do thing this way or that way, do the good thing or the bad thing, etc. There are a few simple but interesting puzzles in it too. Overall it is a nice interactive story-driven experience.

Lasting Appeal:

8/10 The game doesn't last too long, and doesn't really have much replay value, but the story easily makes up for it. Besides, there are quite a few sidequests to do aswell, if you're interested in them. There are two main endings of the game, with 2 sub-choices for each. Thankfully, you don't have to play the game again for the other endings, just play the last chapter again, and choose the different ending.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

Final Words:

If this game was made with a larger budget, it could've easily competed with games like DAO. But even the way it is, it is a good game if you can ignore it's shortcomings. It's story really does resolve around the 'game of thrones'...


Orcs Must Die 2 ..(Multiplatform..Main review: PC)

This is the sequel to one of the best action/tower defense game ever.

Story/ Setting

The orcs had been defeated by closing the rift at end of first game, but the evil sorceress lost control of them and to save her life jumps through a small rift and teams up with our goofy yet brave and handsome hero to stop the orcs once again.

Graphics: 8.5/10

for a Tower defense game, graphics are rich, bold colorful and simply brilliant..almost the same as the previous game. Scenario wise Just the new mines and trolleys rolling around to go along with the theme of the game. There are plenty of new orcs to fight however they are not as distinct as they were in the first game, so its possible to sometimes mistake between frost ogre and the troll in a large group and causing wrong choice of spells.

Performance 8/10

Extremely colorful, fluid animation and not that much taxing on your graphics card. Ran on my C2D E8400 max details with AA at 1920x1080p with almost no judders.

Sound : 7.5/10

Almost the same sound track as previous game. Which was highly entertaining and catchy. Nothing new except a few new lines of dialogue while setting up new traps.

Game play 8.5/10

a typical TD game with an RPG blended in. you control your hero who sets traps to kill the orcs before they reach the exit. also your hero has a tons of unique spells and upgrades to his weapons to enhance the orc slaughter. The main change from the first game is the way the spell book is handled. Instead of all the traps and spells in one place, they are sorted out in abilities, traps, spells, and trinkets. Not to mention, while replaying the game again and again the vanity section where you can try out new outfits for your hero.

Also there are 2 playable characters this time. The old fighter male with a New Blunderbuss shotgun and hammers for up-close battles, and the sorceress with spells for distant range combat. The best new feature is the co-op game play. Hours of entertainment fighting the orcs together and fighting each other. :)

Replay Value: 8/10

Plenty of levels..Getting all the upgrades requires lots of skulls and replaying all levels as you get more traps and spells for the perfect 5 skull score. You can get additional skulls by playing the endless mode which is a nice feature. And like last game, expect DLC maps to further test your orc slaying skills.


tower defense is a comparatively slow genre to develop with the best games like warcraft 3 being ancient history, Plants vs zombies lacking depth and speed, and defense grid not having any sequel yet, (dlcs are old now), Orcs Must die is a Unique and Refreshingly fast paced TD game, and with one of the finest presentation and humorous settings and cheesy yet funny dialogues,

Overall Score: 8.5/10.. MUST Play.


Game: Dishonored

Genre: Action-Adventure, Stealth

System: [PC], PS3, XBOX360



8/10 - Dark-themed flashy animated menus combined with the posterized art-style of the game really suits up with the style of the game. It all looks nice & original.


8/10 - Graphically, the game seems somewhat lacking at first, but the art-style kinda makes up for it, because it is very well done (think borderlands 2, except less cartoony). Weather, water & blood 'n gore effects are pretty nice among other things. The environments, although closed-ended are fairly detailed & don't repeat themselves often.


8/10 - Sound effects are mostly high-quality, from the loud sound of the pistol to the sharp sound of the sword & everything in between. There isn't much music played in the missions, which gives it a more realistic & tense feeling. Voice acting is very well done too. Every character in the game have a unique personality, and something interesting to say every now & then (their dialogues also change depending on how you play the game), which gives you reason to talk to them. The only missing thing? Your own character doesn't speak (no voice-acting). But that's ok because you don't talk much anyway.


8/10 - You play as Corvo, the heroic boyfriend err, i mean bodyguard of the Empress of Gristol. You arrive back to Dunwall tower to meet her, only to be attacked by some mysterious ninja dudes, who then kill her in front of you & kidnap her daughter Emily before disappearing. The City's guards 'find' you holding her like that. And then ofcourse you're accused of her murder & thus... DISHONORED! It is now your mission to rescue Emily & clear your name.


9/10 - Among stealth games, this game can only be compared to the Hitman games. There are a total of 8 missions, which all can be played numerous ways. There are always more than a couple of paths to do every task in the game. You always have complete control of what you do. You can go killing every single enemy... no, infact every single character in the game (well, except members of your own faction... but you can kill them too near the end of the game if you want). Or you can play the game stealthily, in which you can literally play the whole game without killing a single character... Yes, that includes all the bosses & the last villain. (you can't do that in Hitman or pretty much any other stealth game, can you now?) Really, it's amazing how much freedom the game gives you. Yes, there are offcourse some bugs & some underdeveloped tasks in the game, but the sheer freedom of gameplay will impress any 'true' gamer.

There are also some RPG elements in the game such as dialog options & character ability upgrades. Some of the abilities/special powers in the game are just plain awesome. The two things you gotta activate are Blink (short-ranged teleportation, it is awesome!) & Bend Time (Short-duration time stopping, it is awesome too!). Unlocking all these abilities & using them is fun itself.

No matter how you play the game, you're gonna have quite some fun, because the game is fun in both it's action & stealth gameplay. Killing enemies maniacally, dosing them off, or passing them by without ever getting seen. It's all upto you. But the game definitely should be played atleast two times. As there are two main endings (+sub endings), one you get from stealth playthrough, and the other from action playthrough.

Lasting Appeal:

8/10 - Now, unfortunately the game is often criticized for being too short. Of which I disagree. If you play this game how it's meant to be, it'll last you much longer than your average First Person games. This game is all about the freedom of it's gameplay. It's all about exploration & discovery. And trying all the different ways to play the game, the different ways to do tasks, the different ways to get rid of someone, the different ways to have fun! The more ways you play the game, the longer it'll last. Don't rush for the ending, as the ending(s) of the game are short & simple, but that's fairly normal & expectable from these type of games.

OVERALL: 8.3/10

Final Words: Definitely something to give a try to, specially if you're looking for a good stealth game or a mindless action game.


Assassins Creed III



Genre: Action-adventure, Open world,Stealth.

Platform: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U.

note:This review based on the Windows version.

Presentation: 9/10

As always the presentation is great like the previous parts.

Story line:

The story continues from the last part, like always they are heading towards a new destination that lies in north american continent. So the obviously the story spins around a native american.There are some great turnings in the story specailly in sequence 4, well it was quite a blow to

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suddenly change the character from grown man to kid " Ratonhnhaké:ton" afterwards known as connor.



The ending was not as much upto expectations, it felt like the game is turning into the direction UBISOFT want not what the players like. Anyways AC3 still has a great story, which in the end left huge questions marks......... what might come next?

Main Character:

Haytham Kenway: 6/10

He was not the type of main character what i expected it to be. The game felt quite rigid when playing with haytham. The dressing and moves it didn't felt original.

Ratonhnhaké:ton aka Connor: 10/10

Now thats what an assassin should be like, the war axe was a nice addition to the weapons. Special weapons in this release "Chain-Knife" or what ever they call it, pull your enemeny down and kill him, no mercy. :) He is not much to be compared to the master asssassin Altair and ezio, a lot different.

Desmond is as ugly as always, i hope he is dead by now. :)

Graphics: 10/10

Every thing is real. nice graphics.

Sounds: 8/10

The bacground sounds are good. Soft music in forests which makes you really feel better, but the only thing not perfect was that the combat music is too main stream.

Gameplay: 9/10

The control is not much hard. But not too interactive. Stealth killing is improved, specailly corner kills, whistle and kaapaach, now just hide the body. Hiding in bushes, shadows, corners now it really seems more of a stealth game than ever.

And the most objections on AC series was that why can't the assassin climb up a tree when he is able to climb upto top of highest buildings? so the UBIsoft listemed and made trees interactive.

Climbing onto buildings is the only thing which is not improved in my view.

The Naval missions are somewhat hard ones to play but really good addition. The economic system is also improved imo. Sprinting in crowd and alleways running is much more interesting thing now. Hunting and searching for clues also good. But overall there could be improvements in the game. The gameplay area is definitely larger, mnap is bigger which makes us spend more time runing around than playing missions.

Lasting Appeal: 9/10

The game is one those games that can be played in one sitting(depends on your stamina) and you'll never get bored. But playing it again and again is another thing, i might play this game 3 or 4 times, which is superb for me.

Final words:

Altough the game is meant to be fiction but still i read somewhere "it teaches better history than the history teacer". My first impressions when i heard about ac3 moving on to america, was like ac3 is now f***ed up. But after playing it i realised that it is still great as it should be but there could've been more better, improved interactions in the game overall.


Side missions: They ain't interesting at all. dissapoionted. :(


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Hey bro great review, just needed to know that you mentioned that the corner kills are alot easier so does isthe game much more easier than the previous iterations??


^ Well, i don't know about him. But i personally liked & preferred the combat in this one. It has been refined. It's smoother yet more challenging than before. Some enemies can easily block your attacks, you have to find alternative attacks to kill them. I'd say the combat in the game is in the middle of easy & hard.


Although I am not really into gaming but I like the reviews from ching ming poo and ahmed. keep up the good work guys.

two thumbs up! :)


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Hey bro great review, just needed to know that you mentioned that the corner kills are alot easier so does isthe game much more easier than the previous iterations??


Corners are lot easier, yes but the distraction technique is different than before. And i like to agree with Upsilon that open combat is very enjoyable. And that is what i like about these new games they don’t let us decide the easy or hard level, the game play experience increases as we play.


Thanx 4 appreciation.


Game: Bioshock Infinite

Genre: FPS, Action-Adventure

System: [PC], PS3, XBOX360



9/10 - Bright-themed classy animated menus combined with the surreal art-style of the game will do nothing short of impressing you. It just looks gorgeous all the way.


9/10 - The graphics in this game are nothing short of amazing. The game has much eye-candy to offer, and the environments & surroundings are beautiful & well-detailed. The character models & facial animations are pretty damn good as well. The amount of detail they put into Elisabeth's character is truly worthy of appreciation. The only negative would be some of the low-res textures. (flowers & grass textures in particular)


9/10 - Sound effects are just as good. The soundtrack of the game is charming & nice to hear. The theme song is exceptional. Voice acting is also spot-on. You never feel uninterested to hear what any of the characters have to say. Elisabeth's voice acting is just as great as her character. Thankfully, your own character (named Booker) DOES speak in this game. His voice actor also did a great job.


9.5/10 - The story is what makes this game exceptional. It's just bloody brilliant. There are quite a few twists and turns & they'll just surprise & impress you when they happen. Everything progresses at a steady phase, so that you don't have a hard time understanding anything. I'm not gonna say anything about the story or the characters, as you'll only get the best experience when you play it all by yourself. I'll just tell you that it's amazing & you have to play it. Don't rush for the ending as even though i personally find it incredible, it is not exactly a "Disney ending".


8/10 - Gameplay is great for an FPS, but it's not particularly a strong-point of the game. It's linear & It's pretty much like how most fictional FPS games go. There's the usual shooting & then there's some special abilities referred to as "Vigors". They're pretty much super-human abilities (throwing fireballs & electric shocks & tornado attacks, etc) Nothing out of the usual in this department. Maybe the skyline system is original, and even if not, it's still fun to use.

Lasting Appeal:

8.5/10 - The game is fairly lengthy for a closed-world FPS game. And once you finish the game, you'll likely be so impressed by it that you would want to play it again in future. Though the linearity of the game makes it a little less replayable. Still the game is totally worth playing at least once.



Final Words: It is by far one of the best FPS games I've ever played. And i highly recommend it to everyone.