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Genre Sci-Fiction,Action-Adventure/Sandbox

Platform Windows

Presentation 7/10

Overall game presentation is just a little bit above average. Menu's are simple. While starting and loading it doesn't take much time to load.

Main Character 9/10

Main Character Alex, he is the only lovable thing in the whole game, his superpowers are awesome! I would love to posses them! :P

The main Ability is shapeshifting.

Graphics 6/10

Graphics are not what it should've been , like other 2009 released games, like COD:MW2, batman:AA, Assassins Creed 2,etc released in the same time period and have 100 times better graphics than Prototype. You wouldn't be attracted by any thing other than the main Character aka Alex. Overall envronment of the game is just average.

Sound 8/10

The menu music and gameplay music, both are nice. It changes according to the environment scene for example if you are fighting music goes fast and while disguised it goes slow and peaceful. Character audio is also lovely, every character has voice according to its role and personality.

Gameplay 8.5/10

Controls are not hard. I felt comfortable when i played the missions where we have to first disguise and sneak into bases. We don't just have to bang bang and kill! we have to sneak and then kill! But there less of these type missions.The moves included in game are thrilling! The Gliding Ability is just Awesome! Due to shapeshifting he can turn his arms into Blades! Hammer Fists! Sheild! Grapple!and Muscle arms, and cover his body in armor. He can disguise int soldier or nay person walking on road! The ability to run on walls not walk! Storyline gets harder as we play.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Storyline gets harder as we play, and more interesting as the story has some hidden truths we need to know! I didn't got bored through out the game and thats the only thing i consider about.

So you've finished the storyline! NA!nA!NA! nooop! its not finished yet! There are many playable mission markers through out the map, play them!

Final Words

It is one interesting game to play. With different story from the common *zombie type* games!Prototype could stand in the top 5 of 2009 by only a little bit better graphics.


Just a question regarding Prototype - Did you use gamepad or mouse/keyboard? The version I played did not have a gamepad configuration, and I did not find the game very playable/enjoyable through keyboard/mouse controls.


I played using mouse/Keyboard. Playing with gamepad is fun, but i prefer keyboard/mouse.


Can anyone else confirm if a gamepad configuration is available with Prototype, and works too?


It must have it.. all games have it nowadays



I've uninstalled the game, if i got time tommorrow i'll reinstall it and check it.

Besides Deffury is right, coz almost all the games support gamepad nowadays.



It works with gamepad.


Game: Soul Calibur 4

System: Xbox360, PS3

Presentation: 7/10 The main story and story modes are pretty weak as compared to the previous game, and they have removed some character classes from the previous game, which can peeve ya bit when trying to create original characters.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are good but not as good as Tekken6 and somehow some stages look too bland as compared to the previous iteration

Sound: 7/10 Nothing special

Gameplay: 8/10 Its almost the same game as the previous but difference being with the armor breaking in this game and each cloth and item on the character adds certains attributes to your characters. Theres also upgrades too if you use a certain character class too many times.

Lasting Appeal: 9/10 currently this is the only SC around and with few fighting games around you will be having tons of fun with ya friends for a long time to come. The single player however will be short lived even if you play the Tower mode.


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NFS Hot Pursuit 9.9/10

Genre: Racing

Platform: Windows, Xbox360,PS3,Wii.

(note: I played it on Windows)

Presentation: 10/10

This game has visually attractive menus, awesome presentation. And there are first time tutorials when you enter a new mode/gameplay. Presentation of cars is Lovely. Complete reviews of cars, thats just awesome.


There is no story line or character to play, just simple and straight series of racing but still got the attraction more than any other racing game with a storyline.

Graphics: 10/10

Graphics are great. The game play world in which we race is just real!

Audio: 10/10

Sound tracks in the game are awesome. I personally loved them. And this time NFS menus also have awesome music. Sound affects such as tires drifting and honk honk! etc.etc. make you believe you are really driving that car!

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Gameplay is awesome! OMG how many times do i have to use this word! (Awesome)!

There are two playable mode one with orange markers is racing and the other one with blue markers is Police! and thats the fun part, bang into racers to get them off the road in a limited time. I played the game for two hours both with keyboard and joystick, its more fun to play this game with joystick. Controlling the car is not much difficult. As the difficulty level in few previous releases was not much admired by newborn gamers.

Lasting Appeal:10/10

The lust to play this game will last forever IMO. There is no way a person who loves racing games will be ever bored with this game. We can say that Criterion did well, better than burnout paradise.

Final words:

Awesome game! without a storymode, nice racing, new concept of chasing as cops. NIce menus, mind blowing audio tracks. Real life audio affects. Overall IT IS THE RETURN OF NFS!



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^lolz. Stay away from the PC then. Just as i did last month. :P


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^lolz. Stay away from the PC then. Just as i did last month. :P

well i got all my notes n stuff on my pc…

and its really difficult to study on pc and avoid distractions like internet and games and music and tv shows etc etc…


Scariest stuff i've played in years. This is a must for PC gamers.


Game: MK VS DC

System: Xbox360, PS3

Presentation: 9/10 The main story and story modes are pretty good, and will allow you to finish both stories to see each world's perspective.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are good but not as good as Tekken6 and the stages look too ok, but I really wish there was something going on on the background.

Sound: 7/10 Nothing special

Gameplay: 8/10 Its the same game as the previous ones, but the characters seem pretty balanced.

Lasting Appeal: 5/10 Single player is the only true appeal here.


Game: Gears of War 2 (2008)

System: Xbox360

Presentation: 9/10 The main story and story modes are good, but not special. The presentation and the overall layout of the game is pretty solid.. although I wouldnt mind a different scene like a flower bed or something...

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are good but not different from the previous iterative.

Sound: 9/10 Nice music, and the sound in some of the intentional scary places like the secret facility are pretty awesome. The dialogues the also spot on..

Gameplay: 10/10 Its the same game as the previous one, but the weapons seem more balanced now, and the campaign also provides variety of situations. In short its f#%#$ Awesome

Lasting Appeal: 10/10 Besides the gargantuan Single player theres also the enjoyable multiplayer as well. There are plenty of contents to unlock which would ensure that you play for a long time.


Mafia II Joe's Adventure:

Story: Nothing special.

Graphics: 10/10. Graphics are much better than GTA San Andreas.

Sound: 10/10. Company really Worked hard to get 60 years old superhit songs.

Opinion: Don't play it as it has nudity and extremely slang language. I did this mistake.

NFS HotPursuit:

Story: Crap

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Opinion: Don't do it in the real life. Life is precious.


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