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^^^ i love fps videos games that have wide variety of arsenal containing modern weapons and lot of exploration to do, just like in far cry 3,4.

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I would bundle 2 games for the ease of understanding.

  1. Metro 2033
  2. Metro"Last Light (2013 sequel)

Genre: Survival Horror
System: [Windows], Xbox360, PS3
Metro 2033= 8/10 Although the game is now 3-4 years old, it is still one great looking game. Please play this one before the Last light to truly appreciate both. The environments are ABSOLUTELY superb. Every detail is made to feel more authentic and different.
Metro last Light 8.9/10 :It improves on Metro 2033 in amazing manner and adds new means to make it even more beautiful. From ruins to water lakes and THAT subway mission!!!
Metro 2033= 8/10. Still looks prety amazing! it was a feat to run the game it still is.
Metro last Light 10/10: One of the most BEAUTIFUL games to be relased so far. Its very high graphics demanding and very very beautiful! Those who love high-end pretty graphics, go pick that beast up.( as for reference, my 4th generation Core i5 with 8 gb ram and 1 gb GDDR5 barely ran on medium settings.)
9/10 both series have amazing sound quality, the howling of those beasts and the scratchy sounds of those scorpions can make you wet your pants!!
Very complex story about human emotions and horror of a post apoclyptic moscow. That is filled with ghosts, aliens and haunting dreams of past!
Metro 2033: 8/10 very innovative gameplay mechanis. You cannot run in open air without masks. Its very radio acive there. VERY hard if played on hard mode. You would feel relaxed when human enemies come for you because they drop ammo when they die. When you go into wild , there’s nothng to be found except some corners of ammo crates. Those beasts dont die with a single bullet and they dont drop any ammo. So if you try to kill them all, you wont have any ammo left out in open.
Lasting Appeal:
Although both games are not open world, they have solid enjoyment time as you play. Have very little replayablity value. Otherwise a blast to play if you want tough and very atmospheric survival horror.
Metro 2033: 8.9/10
Metro Las Light: 9.3/10
Final Words: We all know that horror games are now becoming very action oriented and very less spooky (resident evil 6 and dead space 3 were not scary). These both games are amazing in atmosphere. MUST PLAY with headphones.
as a final word, picture this scenario :
You have ride via a mini train (one with handle to move on tracks) in broken old subway tracks.On the way, you see a door which can be opened into a hall. The hall contains a 6 barrel shotgun(very useful) and ammo in it. The main issue is that the hall is filled with scorpions bigger than a dog! They dont die easily . So you cant kill them all. No matter what you do. Only way is thay are afraid of light. You have keep charging flashlight and turn on your lighter and keep the beam posted at those scorpions . they would run away for a moment but try to attack from behind. Very tense moment and its totally optional. I hope i did justice with those games.

I would recommend trying Metro 2033 Redux version. It has some very nice additions to the overall story and is built using the Last Light engine. You can however skip the last light redux version though, as its simply all DLCs packed into one.

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i hate exploration :angry:

thats why even fazool games like COD feel good enough because of linear gameplay…

RTS died and went to heaven… since CNC 3 , no game has come up… Warcraft is in Comma, Starcraft takes 3 years for each game… Anno series isnt to my liking…warhammer is sooo old technology …

I am dying here… Please Haaalpp… :(


I can guarantee you won’t survive in post apocalyptic world if GOd forbids there’s a nuclear war :lol: (J/K :D )

You must try XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Its has awesome base building features along with turn based combat pushed to its limits. Very addictive. Oh and there are some RPG elements as well (leveling up your character, unlocking new abilities, that sort of thing).

Creators of Stalker series return to their origin game Cossacks

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Your review nails pretty much all the aspects of the game that I loved. About your small gripe, I did share a ReShade preset with you that took care of that problem. Infact I played the game all the way through with that preset. It brought down fps quite a bit, but was well #%^%# worth it. My absolute favorite tracks from the game are “theme of ard skellige” and “Kaer Morhen” when you arrive at Kaer Morhen for the first time. These 2 tracks are so well placed at their places that I simply stand there listening to it for hours, admiring the view and stay absent-minded till I’m attacked by either bandits or monsters.

Believe me, this was one game I never wanted to end. The quests are bloody brilliant, every one of them. The amount of lore and attention to detail is absolutely staggering. This was 85$ dollars I absolutely do not regret spending on this game (base game+season pass). Can’t wait for the 2 expansions that are coming (one in october this year, the other next year).

Besides the game, CDPR released 16 pieces of free DLC, that includes armors, weapons, outfits for triss and yenn, quests etc…

Fallout 4 has some pretty damn big shoes to fill. It better not disappoint :P

EDIT: BTW, I have complete OST in FLAC format in case anyone wants it. All you gotta do is ask. Courtesy of CDPR themselves.


Thank you. I didn’t try the mods yet… i guess I’ll use them on my next playthough. Agreed about music, as written in the review.

When the game reached the part where we have to defend Ciri in Kaer Mohen, i thought the game was gonna end, but thankfully it lasted quite a bit more than that. ^_^

And are you talking about this FLAC OST?

Haha, yeah i too downloaded it right after finishing the game. But IMO the best track was the one played in the ending movie (Cloak & Dagger). I’ve set it as my ringtone, it’s just sooo awesome. :wub:


Fallout is different. I mean it’s explorable yes, but not engrossing, at least IMO. Anyways, 2015 is definitely a great year for gamers. B)

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come on @Upsilon so what you are saying is “Jason Brody” is not memorable, i think it is more memorable than “Ajay Ghale”.


Well, I’ve played both games, but i remember one & not the other… so yeah. :lol: Honestly though, Jason was not a admirable character, he was a wuss & i didn’t like him one bit. Ajay was fine.

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i hate exploration :angry:

thats why even fazool games like COD feel good enough because of linear gameplay…

RTS died and went to heaven… since CNC 3 , no game has come up… Warcraft is in Comma, Starcraft takes 3 years for each game… Anno series isnt to my liking…warhammer is sooo old technology …

I am dying here… Please Haaalpp… :(


Wow, there are few people who dislike open-world/non-linear games these days. Oh well, there’s a new COD for you every year… Then there’s the usual 2-3 linear/FPS games each year. I don’t see why you’re dying. :ph34r:

Unfortunately i can’t suggest any RTS/Strategy games, as I’m not into them myself, the only one I’ve ever played is AOE2 & that’s because it’s one epic game. :D

You ought to try Ride to Hell: Retribution. It’s one epic linear game. Go play it. You’ll come back to hang thank me! :P

Played Lost Horizon 2... Very disappointing. This game is not even half the game that the first one was. Very stale and uninspiring.

Was thinking of writing a review but decided not to bother. It's simply not a very good adventure game, and it barely has anything to do with the first game. Yeah it has the same protagonist, but even he feels bland here unlike the first game. Kim is gone altogether... There are a few other playable characters that are not really bright themselves. Story is mediocre. Puzzles are mostly simple. The game is also very short. Almost 1/3 in comparison to the first game. It's really just using the first game's name to sell more.

Overall not recommended unless you're really really into these type of games. I recommend playing the first game though if you haven't already. It was very good for the genre.

Here's my short review of the first game:

Just finished playing “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”.

Don’t got time to write a review, but I’ll say it’s a great game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has good graphics, music, voice acting, story & well designed characters, and mostly everything else is well done too. The atmospheres are creepy & disturbing, so perhaps playing it just before going to bed isn’t a good idea… but generally you’ll most likely enjoy playing the game. My only real issue with the game was the bad inventory system… but I’ve seen worse in other games.

Overall: 8.5/10 from me!

Definitely recommended if you like survival horror games.

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Game: Bounce N Bang

System: Android

Presentation: 9/10

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 9/10

Gameplay: 10/10 Physics puzzles that are to be solve and win.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10 Its a simple looking game ,but is not as easy.

Free :

Dishonored 2

Although it improves on the first game on many levels (graphics, gameplay, level-design), i still didn’t quite like it as much as the first game. The story & events doesn’t quite have the same weight to it as the first one.

Not saying i didn’t like the sequel, not at all, in fact i loved it. It’s just to me a inferior game than it’s predecessor.

But comparison aside, it’s still a marvelous game & i loved the open-ended level designs. There’s a particular mission featuring time travel that’s just amazingly well done. One of my favorite missions in a game.

Overall: 8/10 from me!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

One of the finer games I’ve played this year. The campaign is not quite as good as the first one, but it’s more emotional & dramatic now. Those aspects of it sometimes compliment it, but at other times look out of place or even tacky.

The shooting feels fluid & fun, but the boss battles are nowhere on the level of the first game.

The length of the game is also quite shorter compared to the first game, and the ending comes up uninvited.

Generally though, it’s a good looking game with good shooting mechanics & a good plot.

Overall: 7.5/10 from me!

thank you very much for your review. I was wonering whether it is worth buying it but your review seem to be encouraging so thanks a lot. may I come back write my own review about it when I would finish it?

Sure, do write your own review of the game.

Chances are, if you liked the first part, you will like this too. If you didn’t like that one, then you wouldn’t like it.

Assassin’s Creed Origins


Main character is decent
Fresh & Beautiful location to explore (Egypt - ~50 BC)
Graphics are actually good for the most part
Good music with nostalgic undertones. Voice acting is mediocre though.
Improved combat mechanics make it pleasantly challanging
Side-quests are better than previous games
A lot to do


Mediocre main story as always
Unwanted modern day segments
Forced naval gameplay
Bland ending

Overall: 7.5/10 - Best AC game since the Ezio trilogy.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Very similar to Rise of the Tomb Raider. Gameplay is practically the same with minor additional mechanics. Graphics are great for the most part. Music is good, sound effects are phenomenal (make sure you have high-end speakers for the proper experience). Length of the game is reasonably long for the genre. The story & characters are bland and uninteresting for the most part. The best part are the tomb puzzles, which are fun to solve.

Overall a great game if you’re into this genre. If you liked the previous game, then you’ll like this too. If not, then avoid this one.


Darksiders 3

this game is best for the fans of the original series… after the patches and applying FOV and Scaling fixes, the game is really good, and much fun… not as solid story wise as the 1st, or as detailed and technical as the 2nd, but a very good blend of both.

only major complaint would be the dialogues of everyone else except fury. overall, a very much fun and enjoyable darksider game.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This is very different than any previous AC game. The gameplay has been highly modified in favor of a more Action-RPG like experience. The questing system is refined and both main & side-quests are much more dynamic. For once you have dialogue choices throughout the game and they affect the relative quest & your odyssey altogether (pun intended). For the first time in AC history, there are multiple endings to the game and your choices define the outcome. From a gameplay perspective, this is by far the best AC game. If we speak about story, then I’d rate it only second to Ezio’s story (i consider the trilogy as one multi-part game), which is a commendable achievement from Ubisoft. It had been a while since Ubisoft delivered a fully satisfying experience on any of their IPs, so this came as a pleasant surprise. A decent story + entertaining side-quests + modern graphics + above average musical score & voice acting + long runtime filled with plenty of stuff to do + a varied & engaging gameplay = A solid videogame. That’s exactly what AC: Odyssey is.

On a whole, this is a great game & i don’t say that often for a Ubisoft game, so they’ve done well this time.

Presentation: 7.5/10
Graphics: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Story: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lasting Appeal: 9/10

Overall: 8.25/10 - This isn’t your typical Assassin’s Creed game… it’s way better.

Metro Exodus

As someone who has only played a little bit of the previous two games (but know the basic story of both games), i played this game expecting a pretty but bland game. What i got was miles better. The story is simple but interesting. The presentation suits the style of the game. Graphics are mostly very good except for a few poor textures here and there (e.g. fire). Atmospheres & lighting is top notch and very immersive. The facial animations are poor though and decrease the realism aspect of the game. Music does just enough to enhance the immersion into the game. Voice acting is also decent. Gameplay is rather limited in scope, but is acceptable for the genre of the game. Game lenght is satisfying, and so is the ending (the good one anyway). Overall a very solid game. And although the game isn’t very replayable, the nostalgia factor will bring you back to this game.

Presentation: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Story: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 7.5/10
Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10 - This is one of those games that leave an impression on you. Definitely recommended!

The Outer Worlds

This game was shockingly mediocre. I went in with high expectations, but was left with disappointment. The whole game is like a low-budget clone of Mass-Effect with gameplay elements from Fallout mixed in. The whole game has an indie feel to it, even though it is a AAA title. Graphics are outdated. Art-Style is rubbish. Music & voice acting is fine, but nothing memorable. Story is not intriguing. Characters are either tacky or just lifeless. This game in it’s totality is just very bland and uninteresting. I rushed through the whole game, because i was extremely bored & uninterested in it.

Presentation: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Music: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 7.5/10
Lasting Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 7/10 - See some gameplay videos and decide if you want to invest your time in this. There are certainly much better games out there. To me, this was the most dissapointing game I’ve played this year.


This game was surprisingly good. Being from a relatively less known developer (they’ve made some less popular games like “Mars: War Logs” & “Bound by Flame”, both of which i haven’t played). Having come from the disappointing “The Outer Worlds” that i reviewed recently, i was surprised by the stark difference in the appeal & charm of these games. This game is very similar to the whole Dragon Age series in both gameplay & styling (visually, the game looks rather similar to Dragon Age II). The low budget of the game is evident in the stiff animations, certain low-res textures & even copy-pasted buildings (All houses look the same from the inside, so does all the embassies, and the bars, and so on… It is very similar to the copy-pasted caves in Dragon Age 2). None of that is much irritating though. The game starts interesting, and stays interesting throughout with a few bland sequences here & there. On the whole, it is an enjoyable A-RPG game that takes your actions & decisions into account for the final outcome.

Presentation & Styling: 8/10
Graphics & Animations: 7/10
Music & Dialogues: 8/10
Story & Characters: 7.5/10
Gameplay & Objectives: 7.5/10
Lasting Appeal & Length of Campaign: 7.5/10

Overall: 7.7/10 - If you like the Dragon Age games, then you can’t miss this. It’s better than what you might expect.

I got to play out the recently released PC ports of Quantic Dream Games. Here are my thoughts on them.

Heavy Rain

Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Scenarios: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

PC PORT QUALITY: 8/10 (Looks good, Runs fine with minor hiccups, No other issues. Controls are somewhat annoying, and needs extremely high precision & timing with the mouse.)

Opinion: Brilliant all around. The story, characters, choices & consequences, emotional aspects, character interactions, music, graphics, conclusion were all on point.

Beyond: Two Souls

Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Scenarios: 8
Overall: 8/10

PC PORT QUALITY: 9/10 (Looks great, Runs great, No issues encountered whatsoever. Controls are fine.)

Opinion: Storyline is simple & a bit girly but not bland. Only one “actual” protagonist (and not an admirable one either). The choices are not as dynamic or dire as before. Conclusion is somewhat underwhelming as well. The journey is fun though, with some interesting & unusual chapters to explore in-between.

Detroit: Become Human

Story: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Scenarios: 7
Overall: 8/10

PC PORT QUALITY: 7/10 (Looks great, but game has performance issues with 4 Core CPUs, some random crashes & short-term stuttering, etc. Controls are fine.)

Opinion: Basic plotline is intriguing. Characters are stereotypical, but detailed. The game goes a bit high on SJW content for my liking, but not to the extreme ends. There are plenty of plotholes & goofs in the story. Conclusion is fine, but the journey itself is not as memorable as it’s predecessor.

Overall, Heavy Rain is the most well-balanced & admirable game out of the three, followed by the other two in any order. If you like story-driven games, then you should try them all out.