Game console


i am thinking to buy a new console and i wanted some suggestions.

also wanting to know which console have pirated games in the market(i have heard you have to buy original games of ps3. is it right or wrong?)


yeah its rite. apparently they haven't been able to crack the bluray format yet.... but 360 has tons of pirated stuff available in the market.


Which console is better nintendo wii or xbox 360 and are there any other consoles available in the market (not talking of hand held consoles)

are there pirated games of nintendo ds, if there are what are the prices?


x360 n PS2 Pirated games are avialable easily in market (PS3 avialable but no Pirated Games ).. so you can decide which one you wanna buy .

X360 Got Pirated games but it got a problem , RROD . its a problem in which console dies due to Heat buildup .. But Some latest models of x360 ( Jasper ) started to appear in pakistani market , but you'll need to do little searching for it .


if i ask the shopkeeper he would not agree could you please tell me the exact model number or name and its price too

what do you say about nintendo wii

could you recommend me a console that has pirated games and the prices of the games too please