Has anyone used this particular brand?

Is it worth buying and what would be a reasonable price?


never heard of the brand or seen it in any electronic store, take a look at kenwood ac's, im using a 1 ton for over 3 months now and i'm very happy with it

How much did you pay for Kenwood 1 ton? Which city?


payed 25K for it *karachi*

My dad bought a Gaba National 1.5 ton Split AC in 2003-2004, Never once been serviced, but still works flawlessly, so IMO, its pretty solid, you should buy it.


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Thanks Ultimate! I had made up my mind to buy either Kenwood or Haier and was more likely to get the former than the latter but then I let the shopkeeper talk me into getting GABA National. Yes, I know. That's not a very smart thing to do (letting a shopkeeper talk you into buying something other than what you planned to buy) but he looked like a reliable person...hehe. But mostly, it was the brand name "National" which caught my attention. I've used several National products in my house from irons to refrigerators over the last several years and they've been pretty darn reliable and rock solid. The reason is that they're made in Japan or at least the parts are Japanese regardless of where they're actually assembled (this one's assembled in Thailand I believe). So I went for it and got a 1 ton GABA instead of any of the other brands... Got mine for 24.5K.

I would've posted a pic of mine too but it looks just like yours! :)

Have u started using it? How is its cooling and air throw?

melleck, so far so good. Cooling is excellent. I haven't even tried to stretch it to its limits. Normally set it to 26 degrees maximum because the room isn't too big and that's more than sufficient. Air throw set to LOW but it still reaches at least 5 feet away. So far I haven't felt the need to turn the fan speed up or temp lower. I'm quite happy with it Alhamdolillah.

Great, enjoy and thanks for sharing your experience :)

Gaba electronics is a shop in sadder khi and he buys stuff in bulk from china and has his name printed on the electronic or other items he sells just like Jasco which stands for Jhangir sikander and co which import generators from china and get their names embossed.

Frost, thanks for the info. That does make sense because I've never heard of GABA before. Apparently, that's because it's a desi name.

But I do believe the AC was manufactured under license from National which, correct me if I'm wrong, is a Japanese electronics brand even if it was assembled in Thailand or elsewhere. Do you think this is a correct understanding?

Also, as long as the merchandise performs as desired, I don't think there's too much difference between most brands such as haier, kenwood, lg, samsung, toshiba, etc.

Here's what I found:

Gaba Electronics / Nadeem Gaba Karachi {Wholeseller} 021-2720496 - 0300-9240000 Regal Mension, opp. Ghafoor Chamber, Abdullah Haroon, Road, Karachi

Yaani hum Gaba unkil ka AC use kar rahay hein... LOL! :)