Fs: 5.1 Creative Inspire T6100


hi all

i want to sell my speakers creative inspire T6100

immaculate condition , almost new and sparingly used

DeMANd : 4000 (no discount) and not valid for members outside isb/rwp so no shipment

here are some images for reference and manufacturer site





Creative Inspire T6100 - Surround Yourself with Sound

REASON : out of cash for HDD


which hdd will u be buying?




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which hdd will u be buying?

750GB seagate


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speaker price is 4000 RS

and HDD around 10k


Cant go further low on price?????


sorry mate can't drop the price .........i bought them for 5k and haven't used speakers at all ...they are just in place at my room


Dear drop it to me i am in peshawar.Are u willing?


sorry , i can wait for you if you come to isb