Free Hosting with atleast 1 Gb Space & 10 emails & No Adds?

I m looking for a webhost preferly with above features. Any 1 can suggest or the members who were offering it for free can get me?

I am looking for free Ferrari with monthly petrol budget and personal insurance with no ads on the body of car.

Got the answer? :)

^^ their are few servers offering it. I wanted to get recommendations

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^^ their are few servers offering it. I wanted to get recommendations


It comes with 1500 MB space and 100 GB transfer. One of my friend has just started using it (4, 5 days ago) so can’t really say about the service.

what you can give me in return if i'll give you free 500mb hosting 2000 Emails. 2FTP accounts 5 MYsql Accounts :D, Zpanel or VHCS control panel :D

Free Drinks ?

I think he need totally free hosting instead shared and paid hosting, punk try this - Build A Free Website


* Host your own domain (we do not sell or provide domains you do that yourself)

* Pick a free subdomain:

* Use unlimited space for your free website!

* Real FTP access for uploading

* Unlimited Free Webspace!

* 5mb file size limits!

* Unlimited hits and bandwidth!

* Secure, stable unix servers!

* Unlimited aliases for your site!

ie. http://(anythingyoulike)

or wildcards for domains!

virus / trojans in their file

Lifetime free web hosting offer!

Can host you at one of my servers but need a small ad to any of my sites :P (relevant to your sites theme).

I can host you at location of your choice, in Asia, Europe or USA.

But you must not create a warez or porn site.

Interested? PM me. is best

Its company site. Cant post any Add

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Its company site. Cant post any Add

Its a company site and you can’t afford Rs. 100 a month for hosting? What sort of company is that?

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Its company site. Cant post any Add

No matter if there is any offering exactly according to your requirement any where in the world but if it’s for a company then here it is what I think seriously.

1-You should wind up the company if it is yours…

2-If you work for the company and you got a task to find such a host. then tell them that they should wind up the company.

X2 for what Rokra and Bellskar said.

If you would have asked for some cheap or cheapest host out there with some basic options reasoning your company is small one etc, members would have come up with some good suggestions.