Free broadband from ptcl

ptcl is offering a kind of free broad band

details can be found here


PTCL is getting desperate.

^ Well the terms are ridiculous. Barely anyone would actually be able to refer 10-20 people.

exactly. 20 people??

even then fine...

A group of 20 friends can try out...


WP forum members start reerring:|

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even then fine…

A group of 20 friends can try out…


WP forum members start reerring:|


lol i guess u r the one not using any broadband yet…i m refering u :D

They must have hired a new marketing manager

Too early for them to start using these measures. They should stick to selling basic braodband and try to improve their service.

attractive way to extend their customer but its difficult to refer 10 people even.

i think turnover rate of customer is going to increase day by day???? thats why PTCL used this kind of rediculous approch...i think PTCL should improve services rather than offering new and new use less Offer's.thats why i left PTCl and using LINKdotNET 512k package at last and i hope it will remain good.

kooooool strategy but bogus markettin....

I just watched a group of students going different colleges in Lahore and they got 20 refferals in no time. They all are roommates.

That inspired me alot. I am thinking to group with my friends too to get refferals :D

better to burn 500 rupee fuel for refferals than paying 1200 each month. :D:D

And they will snatch total money after that 12 months. LOL