Foxconn, asrock, biostar, ecs motherboards in karachi

i needed a motherboard with a lot extra's in it (extra pci slot, firewire..etc) so i decided to visit the good ol' unicentre.

i was very surprised to see a lot of good motherboards for sale including foxconn motherboards

here is the one i bought this crossfire motherboard

some other motherboards on sale which are not advertised on the websites like galaxy are

asrock g31m-s

ecs gf7050vt-m5

biostar g31-m7

asrock wolfdale 1333 d667 r2.0

it is good to know that we in pakistan have some choices when it comes to hardware.

Yeah but how good is warranty support? Asrock is an asus tech brand so maybe shingtech supports them but what about the rest!

as far as i know asrock and biostar are supported by a eastec communication, a dealer which has been here for 10 years now dealing in asrock mobos

so i guess they must be doing something right to survive in the market for so long, also there boards are priced 500 to 1000 rs lower in the market as opposed to galaxy

ecs has local warranty only

how much you paid for this board and what is the edge of this board on other popular brands (intel, asus)

i paid 8500 rs for this mobo, (a bargain as all other boards of this variety are for 12000 rs

it has crossfire option, has more pci, 6 sata 2 connectors, esata

and supported my e6750 that i already had.