Forums Issue (may be or may be not)

I, often, notice after logging in, mostly forums are high lighted with blue icon as they have some new posts or threads that I have not read yet. but visiting through, I do not actually find any new post or thread that I have not read.

and the next time when I log in then it just goes fine with all forums with correct indicators (greyed out) and only those with blue that I have not read yet.

has any one else noticed that?

Yes, this does happen sometimes.

There's an easy way to avoid this, simply once you've visited your desired forums, click the "mark all forums as read" button.

If you do this, you wont see the blue icon again until any new posts.

I also do this.

everytime u LOG IN use this link

it is located at top right of page named as new posts...

but after login it automatically should show the correct parameters.

It's not that it happened all the time but for just a couple of weeks I am facing it. on the laptop on the office machine and on the home pc.

another thing is that I could get login only while using FireFox or IE6.0, no other browser can let me log in the. Error says.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
You appear to have logged in successfully, however a cookie has not been set. Please check your settings and if applicable, enable cookies for this website.

and there is nothing in settings are miss-guided as I have checked them. also in IE7 and 8 I tried to add the wiredpakistan in Trusted Sites but it didn't fix that. tried also Overriding Cookies Handling with always Allow option it neither helped it out in IE7.

I checked separately on Safari 3.1.2 and Chrome 2.0. the issue is also with them.

Am I the only one?


yea this one is a real problem in this script...

i get it too

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

another thing is that I could get login only while using FireFox or IE6.0, no other browser can let me log in the. Error says.

Do this:

Goto cookies in your browser & delete the wired pakistan cookies. Then login with your username & password. Hopefully you’ll be logged in succesfully. cookie1.jpg

^have tried it all on IE7. even with removing all the Cookies, History and Offline Content as well.

but it still on the above message

I'm having the same above problem mentioned by bellskar.

I'm using IE 8 . hlep!

it's still not fixed. I also faced the issue on my phone's browsers as well. some days ago that was also fine using WP on my phone.

so currently I am only able to use it on FF.

I'm also using firefox , but you know i'm like addicted to IE.

Oh man what a tragedy how many genius people are there on this forum and no solution! Oh my God!

^I got a temporary fix....

turning on the "Remember Me" checkbox will help you to login successfully in all the browsers.

I think it's not browsers to be fixed. the problem is in Server's timings. to me, most probably it is GMT settings in FluxBB configuration.

and in this way the reason, why "Remember Me" option logs you in successfully, could be like it makes a big time-span for your login session.

Don't know what happened Just started pc and it worked fine! now i am CURIOUS!

I dont know how much times I might have started and restarted my home pc, my office pc, my laptop, since I started the thread. I didn't get it working any way :/

One more

The one hour difference between the Client's System time and the Server's time

if your system time is equal to GMT+500 then you all are able to login without "Remember me" checkbox turned on. because WP server's time is still on GMT+500.

but I think WP should reflect with the PST as GMT+600 as the current standard time of Pakistan.

I am sorry I got a discussion on the same issue on PunBB, read thoroughly.