Forgetting the password at startup?


If one forgets the password for the start-up of XP then what should one do??Provided

The SAFE MODE is also password protected!!!!

No software can be run and the WINDOWS CD is also unavailable!!!:|


Do you mean a Windows XP password or a BIOS password that comes before the OS is loaded?

For the XP password try Ophcrack - here's a how-to. In case of a BIOS password I think you would need to do a hardware 'crack.' I think it's something to do with the battery and CMOS...


^I am talking about XP START-UP PASSWORD!!!

when xp just starts...!!


No CD is software..You are suggesting a solution by using software but i am asking without software...


^^The password you use for logging in?


try this, hit ctrl+Alt+Del twice and login box will appear put the username as Administrator, press Enter, remove the password of the said account, I tried that and it worked.


U software, no CD ? Do u mean a hardware solution.


Ophcrack is a program that you have to write to a CD and boot off of. I don't think there is another reliable solution other than that. If you had the Administrator account enabled, that probably doesn't have a password set, so try what FaKeeRa said.


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^^The password you use for logging in?



download Hiren's boot CD. it has many tools for different things. it has a software which can reset the windows XP password for any user. It uses some linux method for doing this. I have been using this CD for a while.