FOR SALE - Sony Ericsson W200i


My brother wants to sell his aforementioned phone.

Condition: 9.5/10. I say 9.5 and not 10 because it's back cover is a little bit loose. If you pull it, then it comes off easily. But it doesn't come off itself. I mean it won't just fall down itself. Other than that, NO scratches or issues with the joystick. It's working perfectly.

Warranty: Till 09 Dec 2008

Colour: Black

Accessories: Mega Bass headphones, Box, Charger, Warranty card, 256 MB card. (I know box isn't an accessory but no use making a separate line for the box only)





Asking price: 5000 slightly negotiable (based on a survey of the market and how much a shopkeeper was asking for the one he was selling)


3500/= offer

if ok thn mail me at


give me ur cell number , i want to talk and then will give u my offer , and i m interested in it.

My cell is 031-3443-4334


sorry nadeem. that is quite below the market value.

coolbouy i text'd you.


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sorry nadeem. that is quite below the market value.

coolbouy i text’d you.


i didnt got ur text bro , please give me ur cell number


Sorry typed in your number wrong.

Just wrote you another text right now :)


Alright so i went to the market and i can sell this set for 4.5k. Any person with a suitable offer above that will get this phone.