For Sale: RAM DDR 512MB [Karachi Only]

I have a used DELL 512MB DDR RAM for sale.

On galaxy it is available for 1100.

I will sell it for a little less price than that.

Please place your reasonable offers.

Serious Buyers only!

NOTE: The ram is currently in use, so i cannot post pics.

r u selling it in 1099 ?

^ sure, wanna buy? :P

I'll buy it....Tell me how much r u asking for it....Does it have any warranty?...Kingston or Corsair?....PC-2700 OR PC-3200?

^ uff...

* It does not have any warrenty left.

* It is not Corsair or Kingston, it is Dell (better than those two in my opinion).

* I am not sure about pc-2700 or pc-3200.

Place your offer... (reasonable)

Yaar its better you quote your price.....

/\ ok rs.999

Guys 1000 rupya doge tau 1 rupya wapic b mile ga kya offer ha

@dude4 give me your mobile number, we can have a quick conversation that way.

Ok fine.

My Serious Demand: 950

i'm interested, please check your email

When and where will u give it to me?

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i’m interested, please check your email

I have read your email.

give me your mobile number.

Sold for 900!