FOR SALE: Philips 107C6 Lightframe 3 CRT Monitor

[colour=blue]PHILIPS 107C6 Monitor[/colour]


Image Brightness: 300cd/m2

Image Contrast Ratio: 500:1

Response Time: 8ms

Max Resolution: 1280x1024 / 85 Hz


First-ever one-chip Digital Deflection CPU for superb display, LightFrame™ for the best-ever

sharpness and brightness, plus elegant appearance, lead-free design and ideal screen size, the 107C6

delivers exciting style and performance.

Outstanding front of screen performance

• Philips breakthrough advanced Digital Deflection CPU

• LightFrame™ delivers best-ever sharpness and brightness

• XGA 1024 x 768 resolution for sharper display

• Easy-on-the-eyes high-bright, high-contrast tube

• Real flat CRT for natural, distortion and glare-free display

• sRGB ensures color matching between display and printouts

Great convenience

• Compatibility with PC and Mac platforms

Green design

• Lead-free display protects your health and our environment

• Lower power consumption than industry average

• TCO guarantees the highest safety and ergonomics standards

• Environmentally responsible Energy Star Partner

• Flame retardant case safeguards display from fire

If anyone want's detailed knowledge about it's specifications or what flame retardant case etc is, then download this pdf file. There's every details about it here: … ss_eng.pdf

IMPORTANT: The only issue with it is the -/+ buttons. They aren't working properly (it does not mean they aren't working) probably because of the humidity in our city. I didn't get it repaired/fixed ONLY because people would have doubted as to whether some big problem might have occurred with the monitor. So i am going to leave it to the buyer to decide whether to ignore the small issue or get it fixed himself.

Reason for selling: Upgrading to a LCD. Otherwise this is a really amazing monitor.

[colour=red]Asking price: 6000 FIXED[/colour]

P.s. Please do not confuse this monitor with those cheap new monitors available for 5000. This is an exclusive product and was made for those who need high graphic details for animation work or for other stuff like gaming etc. I bought this for approximately 11000.

Contact me through PM please as i do not entertain just ANY phone call.

Monitor still for sale!!

hey ken what is ur location?


If you are seriously interested we can work out the shipping!

check you email i send you my offer or contact me directly 0333 3414092

what is the size of this monitor and that 85hz is bad cuz for gaming it should be 100+ atleast... i am guessing it is a small monitor

what do you mean by size? it's a 17inch.


check your yahoo inbox i already replied yesterday.

reply plz


still up for sale

2500 rs

click, i do not want to sell it to you.

withdrawing my offers

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click, i do not want to sell it to you.

check you email pm you again

replied back