For Sale: Kipor Gen Set 5KVA for Sale : Top Condition

For Sale: First Hand Used Kipor(rebranded by Enpower). Good As New. (5kva)

I have really taken good care of it and still don’t want to sell because I have invested quite a lot of time caring for it and know that it is reliable, works great in time of need. But I have more important thing to do and need the some money. Always changed its oil well before time and cleaned the air filter once in a while. It has never given any problem so far. It has done about 200 hours of operation time. Its 100 percent in its original condition never repaired.

It can run one 1.5 Ac. At my home I run one big LG fridge, Waves freezer, Water Dispenser, few fans , Two Computers, Modem, Router, and lights.

It shows status stats for

Total Power output, Total Output Voltage, Total Battery Output, Total Running Hours. It also whos vaiurety of errors.

It has automatic shutdown feature when oil is low. It has built in AVR. That means non fluctuating clean power.

Reason for selling: Need some money to invest in business.


Super Silent, Diesel Generator - 5KVA.

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) delivers non-fluctuating power for use with sensitive electrical equipment such as computer systems.

Powerful KM186FA diesel engine

12v electric starter ensures easy starting

Low oil pressure alert system shuts down the engine automatically

Enclosed structure brings quieter operation

Rated frequency 50(HZ)

Rated voltage 230

Rated current 19.6

Rated output power 4.5KVA

Max output power 5KVA

Number of sockets 1x115V/16amp, 1x115V/32amp, 1x230V/32amp, 1x12V/8.3amp

Rated rotation speed 3000rpm

Power factor 1

Phase number Single

Pole number 2

Excitation Transistorized self-excitation constant voltage (AVR)

Alternator type KT5

Structure type Silent type

Fuel tank capacity 16L

Fuel consumption 275(g/kw.h)

Continuous running time 9.5h ours @ rated power

Run times can be up to 18 hours

Noise level (zero load/full load) 70-74[dBA/7m]

Dry weight 171kg

Overall dimension (LWH) 915 547 742

Fuel type: red diesel

Lube oil brand SAE10W30

Engine model KM186FAGET

Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, vertical, diesel engine

Rated power 5.7/3000[kW(Hp)/rpm]

Lowest fuel consumption 3000r/min


World Renowned Company KIPOR : Sold in over 130 countries

Sells in UK :

Sells on Amazon:

Company review from buyers on USA (For another model of Generator from Kipor Sold in US)

“I am and electrical engineer who researced portable generators for months before deciding which one to buy including the popular ones like Honda and Yamaha. This Kipor is a high quality unit, not like the cheap no-name brands that you see on eBay for $200. This generator gives no problems: it starts every time, is great on fuel economy, is relatively light and is relatively quiet. One note on "quiet" is that it is louder than a casual conversation (as all generators) but the smart throttle lets is idle very low for small loads. Parts are also easily available and I bought spare air filters and spark plugs to ensure years of trouble-free service.

I have powered my computer, lights and fan during a power outage without any problems and a 5 gallon gas container would keep it running for days! I have checked the output voltage with a CRO display and it is very close to sine wave as advertised, and allows dimmer lights to work!

The generator needs to be kept preferably outdoors due to the exhaust (as all generators), which is also fine because it keeps down the noise: I use mine with a 50-foot 12AWG extension cord. All-in-all this is a very good generator for almost half the price as a Honda. Hope this helps potential buyers.”

“This is a very good little generator for the price. It runs very smoothly if you give it good gasoline. I've found that adding a little STP gas booster makes it run really great. I recommend this for any generator. I also use Mobile 1 synthetic oil (5-40w)which you can get at Wal-Mart in 5 quart jugs. It is truck/SUV rated oil and will keep your generator running smoothly a long, long time. Great on gas under low load. If running near full load in cold weather you'll need to leave the choke on for awhile with the smart throttle off.”

About the company: From the company website:

KIPOR-----Since Wuxi Kama Power Co., Ltd was launched in 1998, we developed a lot and became stronger and stronger. Until now, we have established Wuxi Kipor Power Co., Ltd, as well as some branch offices in the main market abroad. Through several years’ steady development, Kipor Group comes into being an international corporation with the ability of researching & developing.

Kipor Group possesses the excellent research & development system, and enjoys the world-wide sales net. Kipor mainly deals with the research and manufacture of digital generator sets, general generator sets, welding generator sets, engineering machine and gardening machine.

Kipor holds more than 100 patents, while many products have gotten Europe CE certification and USA EPA certification. Today, Kipor and Kama are well-known in the global market. Kipor is one of the few companies that can manufacture digital generator set-the pilot product of our company.

We pay much attention to the quality of products, and has been certified by ISO9000 and ISO 14000. Each step of manufacture is carried out with strict adherence to the standards of these certifications.

Our products are sold in more than 130 countries and regions in the world. What is more, Internet and E-business bring Kipor products to every corner of the world. With the world-wide sales and after sales net, we can guarantee quick and in-time information and transportation.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this Generator. When I bought this a year ago I started a thread about it here!72551~ForumID!23~Page!1~pw.html

I purchased it for like 67,000. Offers are welcome.









Anybody? Surprising! Its hot, we are having load shedding like hell and no body wants to buy a gen set :D Have all of you bought some gen sets and UPS

Borris, the thing is its an item that goes bad really quickly and mostly ppl buy new rather than used.

For a possible sale you'll have to mention your demand. Also as with all second hand stuff you'll have to supply a checking warranty.

I never buy second hand goods without a weeks checking warranty.

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Borris, the thing is its an item that goes bad really quickly and mostly ppl buy new rather than used.

For a possible sale you’ll have to mention your demand. Also as with all second hand stuff you’ll have to supply a checking warranty.

I never buy second hand goods without a weeks checking warranty.


Thanks for the post. I can only provide checking warranty at my own premises. Anybody can check it for few hours if required. I am willing to consider offers that the customers want to pay.

Also, I dont agree with “goes bad quickly” notion for every brand. It can hold good for cheap quality stuff. You can buy a NEW low quality 5 kva gen set for less than 45k. If you buy quality brands than I am sure you would agree that defect rate goes down drastically as compared to no name or notorious Chinese brands.

I welcome anybody interested to check it for few hours before buying. You dont have to buy if you dont like what you see.

Dont grill me on this. I dont know the price of used 200hr used hen set.

My demand is 60 K. almost 7000 off my buying price.

got an Offer of 45K on Pakwheels. Any body else?