For Sale: Board + Processor, AGP, DDR (used)

I require to sale urgently my home PC things, including:

-- AMD Athlon 64 Bit 2800+ Procesor with MSI K8N full size powerfull board having built-in 5.1 NVidia Sound + NVidia HiSpeed Ethernet LAN + 4 USB 2.0 (MB URL:

-- NVidia GeForce 6200 - 256 MB AGP 8x

-- 1GB DDR (1x512 + 2x256)

-- ATX Casing and Power Supply

All equipments are in good condition and are home used. I'm going to get AMD X2 PC in used (if anyone has it let me know) that why selling my own one first.

Complete expected package price is: Rs 7000. Interested candidates, do let me know. I need to sell this out urgently.


Location? What is the price of AGP card alone?

About the DDR 512. How much are you asking

for it ?.

I want to buy one for my old P4, but depends

on the price. Galaxy is selling for 1000/- with 3-

day checking warranty. Has to be a better deal

than that bro.




Sheikh 'Mu-ta-dil' Chilli

for prise contact me 0333-361-6-361

atleast tell your city for the rest of the forum members

me from karachi

Goina, can you please PM/email me your demand

for the DDR. I am not a big fan of haggling over

the phone.




Sheikh 'Clarity' Chilli


rs 1600 for Agp non-negotiable

Im not interested as you're too far away and i dont want to do shipping. Good luck on your sale.


bro for DDR im asking 1100 rs final

Thanks Goina, but that's over my budget. I

wish you well with your sale, my friend.




Sheikh 'Wipeout' Chilli


anyone interested ...? Items still available (except 256 MB DIMs, Power Supply and Casing)

Actually Goina posted over here on my behalf before. Thanks Goina :)

is the 512mb ddr kingston

whats the bus speed

im interested in the ram and the GPU


This is my motherboard, if it can support your ram then I am also interested in buying Ram from you.

im posting behalf of my friend mr khalid contact direct to him 0333-361-6-361

You should've PMed him, you shouldn't post someone else's number on an open board. If people find it, they might spam it or something.