For Sale: 1TB HDD (Western Digital) & USB+Firewire Enclosure

I recently (in January 2009) bought a 1TB SATA hard-disk (Western Digital, Caviar Greenm desktop form-factor) and a high-quality portable enclosure for it with USB and dual FireWire connectors to use with my laptop. The HDD has a 16 MB cache and the enclosure is of a durable build and completely sealed, although it does have a fan and a vent for keeping the drive cool.

The reason I'm selling this is that I realize a portable Lacie would be more suitable for my needs. I bought the items separately for a combined cost of PKR 13,800 and will be parting with them for at least around PKR 11,500.

The enclosure is also available separately for around PKR 3,000 if anyone wants to buy just that. :P

UPDATE: The enclosure supports both IDE and SATA drives, and lets you connect to them with one USB 2.0 and two FireWire connectors.

More details to follow when someone's interested. Thanks!



Gimme Details of the enclosure

Hope it will support 500 GB too