First pakistani WPF and WWF Holder

Dharminder Devsidas (being a MCTS) has cleared 70-504 Windows Workflow Foundation Application Development exam. He got 833 out of 1000. He is first pakistani to clear this examination and first to hold the certification of WPF( Windows presentation foundation ) and WWF (Windows WorkFlow ).

Share your reviews.


Know him personally and this.

The thing is that not many Pakistanis opt for certifications or else I know personally gurus of WPF and WWF. Oh well 3 cheers for the guy. Its not an easy exam.

Cheers for the guy, May Allah gives us more success in future.

He also passed his MCP exam 70-536 with 1000 out of 1000. MCP is a first exam to qualify for further certifications.. then he passed WPF ... and had become the first WPF certification n Yesterday he passed WWF certification becoming the only holder of this certification also..


^ Congrats :D

sorry itz nt WPF itz WCF !! ;):P he has done WCF n WWF :P and ryte hes playin to give WPF :D

however hes the only holder in WCF even !!

its WCF and WPF, there is no WWF :P i forgot in the first post

Edit : I forget things when i m sick :P

dude .. do u knw wt WWF stands fr ... ???

itz windows workflow Foundation !!

just out of curiosity i m asking this. How one gets to know that if he is the first or second or third? who declare this?

u betta ask this question to the software engineers working in Software houses in pakistan....

Oh i thought you guys were talking about wrestling.. my bad =)