First Clone Camel

Another controversial in science. Muslim scientist in U.A.E. had created first clone camel of a dead camel. After DNA test it is confirmed that the new born camel is a clone.

First clone camel is named as Injaz. Here is the actual text:

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Injaz (Arabic: إنجاز, meaning "achievement"; born April 8, 2009) is a female dromedary camel, credited with being the world's first cloned camel. Dr. Nisar Ahmad Wani, a veterinarian embryologist at the Camel Reproduction Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, announced on April 14, 2009, that the cloned camel was born after an "uncomplicated" gestation of 378 days.




Injaz was created from ovarian cells of an adult camel slaughtered for its meat in 2005. The cells were grown in tissue culture and then frozen in liquid nitrogen. Afterwards, one of the cells was injected into a nucleus-removed oocyte of the surrogate camel, which were fused with an electric current and chemically induced to initiate cell division. The resulting embryo was cultured for a week and implanted back into the surrogate camel's uterus. Twenty days later, its pregnancy was confirmed using ultrasound and monitored throughout the gestation period. After Injaz's birth, its DNA was tested at the Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory in Dubai and confirmed to be identical copies of the DNA of the original ovarian cells, proving that Injaz is a clone of the original camel.


I amazed by Muslim scientists and their bravery for achieving controversial piece of science. Not to mention a taboo subject even to talk, cloning.

Now, we have two questions; whether cloning is OK in Islam? Is the meat of cloned animal Halal?

Let's see how much time it will take for Ulmas to issue Fatwas on it.

What do you guys think? A good achievement by Muslim scientists or work of devil?

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i think that they done great work because there is no restriction of clone animal in quran or hadees

Awesome post,

i hope to God this news is true and based on facts,

i remember the cloning story a year or so back where the scientist later on accepted that he lied about successful cloning.

some more detail about the first camel clone

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The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday claimed its own version of Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, after the birth of a cloned camel in Dubai this month.

"This is the first cloned camel in the world," said Dr Nisar Wani, researcher at the Camel Reproduction Centre.

Injaz, a female one-humped camel, was born on April 8 after more than five years of work by scientists at the Camel Reproduction Centre and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, The National newspaper reported.

"This significant breakthrough in our research programme gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk producing camels in the future," Dr Lulu Skidmore, scientific director at the Camel Reproduction Centre, said in a statement.

Injaz, whose name means achievement in Arabic, is the clone of a camel that was slaughtered for its meat in 2005, the National said.

Scientists used DNA extracted from cells in the ovaries of the slain animal and put it into an egg taken from the surrogate mother to create a reconstructed embryo, it said.

Dolly was born in 1996 in Edinburgh in what was regarded as one of the world's most significant scientific breakthroughs, but was put to sleep in 2003.

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This is PURE Devil. Now they cloned an animal, later they'll clone a human. What then. Do YOU think that is right???!!!

Think my friends. Technology is good for entertainment purposes, but when it comes to such devil things. I think we should take some action AGAINST it!

I think cloning of human being is perfectly OK. All we need is a technology to transfer memories to newly created clone. :P

We also need some machine to create clones, instead of human body to grow clone. :D

But we are far from that. Really far from it. Yet only possible in science fiction.

^ Hmm... Ok, just think about this.

What if someone makes a clone of your gf/wife and...... You know. :P

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^ Hmm… Ok, just think about this.

What if someone makes a clone of your gf/wife and… You know. :P

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It all depends on how the cloning technology will be used. You can use any tool/technology in good and bad ways. For instace, there’s all kinda porn on the internet…but it doesnt mean you access that kinda stuff, right?.. so at the end of the day its all about how you use something…

^ Exactly... science itself is a great blessing, but it depends on we people that how we use it... if we use it for positive purpose, then obviously we r going to benefit from it and similarly if used negatively then ofcourse results can be disastrous.

So, the bottom line is that its not the technology which is good or bad, but instead, its the way of using it that matters.

Negative use of knife (for killing) or technology (internet, computer or cloning etc.) doesn't make it bad. It the human who use it negatively.

Bullet don't kill people. People kill people

Just think this way, if we find some cheap way to clone then is it possible to meet the hungers of third world? Like Africa and Asia?

that will only increase world's population if this tech will get popularity , good in sense we can clone animals and then slaughter them for cheap meat , as far cloning of humans is concerned i think that cant be achieved .......

if human cloning or even animal cloning becomes a reality the question arises of the concept of mother, spirit within Islam....will the new spirit be a replica? will that human have a spirit in the Islamic sense....

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if human cloning or even animal cloning becomes a reality the question arises of the concept of mother, spirit within Islam…will the new spirit be a replica? will that human have a spirit in the Islamic sense…

There is also work being done on the modification of human genes in order to increase the lifetime of humans and reduce/revert the aging process of human beings. Successful modification of rats will increase the chances of extending the lifetime because the genes of rats and humans match 97%.