Firefox extensions


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i Like

1.downloadhelper etc



secure login

adblock plus




undo closed tab button

better gmail 2

grease monkey

minimize to tray

next tab

nuke anything enhanced

statusbar ex

stay open menu

unhide passwords

well it was about favourites so i posted about all the extension that i cant live without


In my regular profile I have:

- FoxyTunes

- Greasemonkey

- Delicious

- Adblock Plus


- Down Them All

- Quick Restart

- Ubiquity


Adblock Plus

Down Them All

Video Downloader (for youtube)


CookieSwap: To keep my passwords saved even if siblings want to log in theirs in different sites (mail, social networking etc) by managing different CookieSwap profiles.

Customize Google: Click image at to go direct to image. Lots of other options.

Download Helper: Download streaming (youtube and the likes) videos.

Mouse Gestures: Use mouse gestures to close tabs, open links in new tabs, go forward/backward and a lot more.

RSS Ticker: Get RSS feeds scrolling just under the address bar.

Orkut Toolbar: Good for entering BBCode in forum posts.

Tab Scope: Preview and navigate tab contents in popups.


Adblock Plus

Flash block

They can Help you to browse More swiftly


Download Helper


^^Wat Does Yo Sig Means?


lots of thanks


is there any add on that lets you download from


if there is no add on for ,, then you can find the cache folder of your browser , where first download the song and then plays it, the song stored in cache folder has any name & its extension is also none..

or else use soundforge for recording song during playing,,

BTW why dont you try very good for mp3 songs this.,..


AdBlock Plus


Fast Dial

Download Statusbar



Footie Fox

Image toolbar

fast Video Download

These r awesome!


@Rishika I Know that site Thanks.There is a tool Mp3mymp3 That Lets you download any sound comin from the speakers