Firefox 5 Beta is out now


I hope this one is not laggy.


Did you really said "Firefox 5 Beta", So are they like gonna jump directly from 4 to 5? Cause thats ridiculous. :S


Yeh i am currently using Aurora channel instead of Beta, FireFox 4 is ended now with the release of its final version.


man i'm tired of updating FF again and again, WTF


No need to update it.. the version 4 is working fine :P


its so early to come up with another version.. i have installed Firefox 4 a couple of weeks back, so i am not going to try the beta now. I have already lost a couple of addons that weren't compatible with Firefox 4 so i would stick with it.


FF 5 Final might be available after July read it one somewhere can't really remember where. Though I might try this, Like I have been doing since many years, Mozilla is exciting.


You don't like updating? Well, switch to Chrome -- it updates automatically.


it looks like firefox 3.6


Firefox rules and it has some great add ons