Finding Picture to Text tool

Hey people, help me in finding a tool to convert jpeg, jpg, bmp etc.. I mean, the picture files into text or html. I know OCR applications such as, Omnipage from Nuance, Abby Finereader pro etc, is used but, do you have any idea about any relatively small software which can convert scanned picture pages into text, word or pdf?

Have you tried SnagIT?

I think, this is a screenshot kind of a thing..What I am looking for is something which can catch text written on an image file. For instance, if we try and scan a page of a book, first it saves itself as an image file, for instance, jpeg, jpg or bmp file. Then what if we want to grab the text and put it on a word format, or pdf format.

Well it can capture text from any window or screen. And there is also an option to capture text from object. I dont remember what that is (may be File??) because I used it a long time ago but it should be a good try.

Have you tried SimpleOCR?

OR this online converter works pretty well if you are converting computer generated text with clear backgrounds.

Many OCR software are there. Some of the good ones are

OmniPage (probably the best)

ReadIRIS (also available for persian and arabic)

Adlib Express (works with nearly every image format)

Abbyy Fine reader

Sakhr OCR (it can also recognize Urdu, but their language pack is very very expensive)

and many more

See this wikipedia article for more detail

Thank you so much for all the tools and links.

I have downloaded SnagIT and SimpleOCR because these softwares are new to me and I really want to try them. I don't think I will go for online translations because I have some 50 plus pages which I need to convert into text.

Nuance Omnipage is, I know pretty good for this job but like I have said that it is heavy, installs some unnecessarily stuff as well, though installation can be customized but still, I don't feel like downloading and keeping 300+ mb iso. Same is the case with ABBY Finereader.

ReadIRIS, Adlib Express and Sakhr OCR, no idea about these three.

But openbook is also one good scanning and reading tool, but 250 mb in size.

Keep this post open and do post in here if anyone finds any good application to recognize hand writing and then convert it into regular text.

Thanks once again for all the responses.

SimpleOCR did the job,,,,,,Thanks,,,,,,,,