Few parts for sell

Salam Everyone,

A few parts i want to sell,

1- XFX 630i mother board

Condition : very good, boxed with all items

Location : Karachi

Price : 4000/-Rs

this board has warranty, i will post it later: new in the market 5600 Rs


2- XFX 6600 xxx edition Graphic Card

256 MB, 128 Bit, DDR 2

Condition : 7/10 : with Box

Location : Karachi

Price : 3000/-Rs



3- Intel Pentium D 820 CPU

Frequency : 2.80 GHz

Package : 775-pin

Bus frequency : 800 MHz

L2 cache size 1MB+1MB

Condition : Good

Location : Karachi

Price : 4000/- because its with out Stock Cooler, I am using a custom cooler for it from Arctic cooling,


Why are you selling the motherboard? Has it ever given you any issues? How much time is left on the warranty? Last but not least, where did you buy the motherboard from?

why im selling is motherboard, because i upgraded my PC, and the above parts are now free, i never get any issue in these pasts, about the warranty im not sure how much it left, i have to check the purchase slip, and its from Galaxy,

How often and how much has it been overclocked?

never, i don't do overclocking, because at home its not needed,