Fariya Cable Net Help

Salam brothers Please help ! ..

I also have this issue can't connect to wifi router on fariya pptp vpn connection, i've tried reinstalling windows, upgrading firmware & changed my lan card aswell still it is not working ..

Details of my computer and wifi are:

Wifi router TL-WR740N - firmware upgraded to latest..

Windows is xp 2002 professional Service pack 2..

Lan card - Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC

other Lan card - 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI TX NIC (3C905B-TX)

wifi is not working on this settings...

WAN connection type: PPTP/Russia

Fariya User/Pass

Dynamic IP mode

Server IP Address/Name: dialer.fariya.com

MTU Size (in bytes):1420

Connection Mode: Connect on Demand

i went to the fariya office with the wifi it worked fine but here in my home it is not getting any ip... pleaseeeeeeeee helppppp fasttt bhaaiyooo

Asadlala: I am not an expert network guy but I will try to help as much as I can.

So you are not able to connect to the Wifi router at all? right? Its not just the LAN/Gaming Server/problem?

- First of all, find out if your cable connection is working properly, connect directly through the LAN card, without involving the router.

- Try to connect to router via the ethernet cable that comes with the package. Be sure to put that in the orange jack and your main fariya cable in the blue jack.

- Make sure DHCP is enabled

- In security settings, disable all 3 VPN option and enable the 4 options for ALG.

dont use connect on demand. use connect automatically. also try to use PPPoE russia.

Just change MTU 1400 And Checked

yeah kisi bhi cheez ka problem nahi hai app mtu change karlo ap ka problem solve ho jayega :)

Dear Every one .

this is faizan from karachi , i am new here , I was googleing so i found this Forum , its really helpful

today i bought Router TP link TL WR740N and using Fariya Cable net service VPN , but yeh Configure nahi ho rha hai :s .. bht Koshish ki but Configure nahi ho rha ! Its Working as Switch and showing Wifii but Net not working .

I am using Same Detials as abv mentioned

but WAN Ip Release nahi ho rai hai .

and its working on Dynamic as a Switch ,

I don't know what could be the problem. Here are my settings for WAN:

WAN connection type: PPTP/Russia

Fariya User/Pass

Dynamic IP mode

Server IP Address/Name: dialer.fariya.com

MTU Size (in bytes):1420

Connection Mode: Connect on Demand

In LAN settings, all I have is this:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

my local Cable net person said he will take my router to Fariya office and they will do something and will charge 200 Rs :S .. Please Help any one!

Contact me on my Cell 0333 3103517 Faizan

Me New to this forum .....

Now im hvng same problem ....... I am connecting tplink wireless router to fariya cable ..... what are the settings for that , for PPTP/russia ??? :unsure: ?

I hv tried connecting it with PTCL DSL , its working fine ........ :rolleyes:

Does Fariya have a 1mbps package??

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i m using fariya..........my problem is that me.......when ever i CMD to check my ping..........its always said request not found.........plz help me what can i do......