Fajr Helper Website

AsSalamu Alaikum.

Are you having trouble waking up for Fajr?

Do you want to help people wake up for Fajr and earn lot of rewards?

Do you want to compete for the sake of Allah?

Do you want to establish bonds with others whom you don't know?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then read on.

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Introducing Fajr Helper Project

All participants will be randomly assigned to a group (of three people)

Each group will compete against the other groups

The competition is on a weekly basis. You will be in a different group each week

Members within the group will call each other at Fajr time to make sure everybody wakes up

Each group will record their progress and results on the website to compete

Brothers and sisters are separate of course


JOIN NOW!!! Be a part of this Revolution!