Facing problem with dsl and two hubs

salaam to one and all

im having a really bad problem regarding my dsl connection

i have a 4mb link which is distributed to multiple pc's through 2 hubs.

the modem is connected to one hub and along with the other computers a 2nd hub is also attached to the same hub which has the modem attached to it. the problem is that as long as the pc's connect to the 1st hub are offline the internet works fine but as soon as they come online all the pc's connected to the 2nd hub get request timed out errors making it a pain to work on the internet. i have the new huaweii ecolife modem with 4 ports and was wondering if connecting the 2nd hub to the modem would fix the issue. ty for any help u have to offer


yes, try connecting the 2nd hub directly to the modem as well. from experience daisy chaining hubs usually bears strange results.


might be that cud be the issue but u can check by changing the ports of hub, after all hub is not a reliable option u shud switch over to switch...

Dear Bro... its really very simple to resolve this issue, you should use the cross pair cable between two hubs. I tell you the colour scheme of both ends. Hope its will fix it up!!

Orange (w), Orange , Green (w), Blue, Blu(w), Green, Brown(w), Brown (first end)

the same cable at the other end should be like this

Green(w), Green, Orange (w), Brown (w), Orange, Blue, Blue (w) ...