Facebook Security:Man Finds Wife in Singles Ad

Facebook's most recent row over privacy began when a man from Lynchburg, VA noticed an ad on Facebook to meet hot singles. The problem was that the face being used to woo lonely love seekers to try the online dating site was his wife.

Smith's picture was used by a rogue third-party advertiser according to Facebook. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said, "The ads that spooked people were from rogue networks that have been dealt with. The ads were removed, some ad networks were banned from Facebook, and developers were warned."

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^Yes I also got an alert in my email about it a couple of days ago saying the same and instructing about you can restrict it in some where in Settings

but I didn't just put an eye on it and ignored thinking that Facebook can do it :/ ....

but then instantly I went on Facebook Logged in and followed the instructions in the email I got

Moved to Settings -> Chose Privacy Settings -> Clicked News Feed and Wall -> Then Facebook Ads. according to that email I have had to uncheck the checkbox there. but fortunately that was already checked off

I just read the instructions there and they really didn't seem to me being like that they will be publishing the Photos this way. any ways I left the checkbox unchecked and left the facebook.

and see now what Facebook is alerting when you go through

Moved to Settings -> Chose Privacy Settings -> Clicked News Feed and Wall -> Then Facebook Ads.


Links in image

whole story on Facebook blog http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=110636457130

Help Center http://www.facebook.com/help.php?page=935

I am not going to read the whole story big enough.

but I personally think they (not only Facebook) can not do this stupidity (if they a very secure platform and able to provide enough security). they are very strict in privacy control. and they know what an individual can do against them in this regard.

but I am the one who is in the Haters list of Facebook. :rolleyes: not only for security and privacy but also for some other means.

who cares...i heard worst stories about social networks...

Addressing them would be nice. That's the whole purpose of this post, to inform others, who are oblivious of such atrocious acts.

Just like drug addict - social networks are the same. Why go for drugs in the first place so as to end up in a "rehab" or worst "death". IMO social networks are good for nothing. If you've got a cell phone and few pennies, send a message.

What strange logic comparing drug addiction to usage of social networking sites!

Social networks obviously serve a purpose and they obviously have issues too. One advantage is that you can find people that you have lost contact with despite not having their contact details. It is nice to be able to find old school/college friends.

wings; good reason.

sofomor; dont say it drug addiction. but I think you tried to say that it's just like an addiction which wastes much of your time if some one always sticks there taking a cup of tea in his hand searchin and exploring and commenting without any reason.

and one more thing about those who signin there to tell other's what I am doing :rolleyes: this is just nonsense.

but the topic is about the security. my personal view about that is. facebook is one of the top social networking platforms. I dont think they might have compromised on such privacy. and they are strictly offending their selves in this matter to prove they didn't do it.

the third party apps can access your Pics and they can sell it to any one

I hate Social Network sites.... How do people spent 5 - 10 hrs daily on these sites ... huh !!

^ 5-10 hours!!! Whoa... kindly name even 50 such people...