Facebook account deleted ... help needed

Hi there , My facebook account got deleted , the incident happened when I edited the information of my friends account and added my email id there which was my login ID , now what happened was that whenever I tried to login with my email ID , my friend's Facebook would open . I went again to my friend's account and deleted my account from their . Now the next time I logged in on facebook , it wont login and I tried the password recovery but it says that the email ID is not registered where it was clearly there before

Any help regarding the revival of the account will be highly appreciated


Mail to facebook support team

I dunno their support ID

you can contact them through facebook account, there must be any option

but, why don't you just make a new account?

There is tini mini Help link in the right bottom of the facebook login page. Try it.

I have got warnings of Facebook due to breaking rulez on FB. Man u should have broken some good ones