F*** My Life! Amazing Website


this is a real amazing website with real amazing short stories to read in your free time or when u r bored it makes ur day...

some real life stories but really amazing...

i just loved it so shard it.. enjoy..

^ Ha. We read that website at work when we're sick of work! :) Its very entertaining.

Nice site... realy helps providing relief from daily boring routine... at least for a while. :)

Yup. Its quite an interesting idea actually and definitely entertaining for the readers. :P

Very interesting. Being a webmaster its great to see how people are coming up with unique ideas, very creative :)

LMAO!!! Awesome Website !! U Just introduced me to something on which i'll waste many hours of my life... LOL!

Very entertaining site, I spent more than an hour there on my first visit.

Whats so special about this website? :|


read it then u ll know..

some of the FMLs are just rocking...

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Whats so special about this website? :expressionless:

you know how to read right?

^ lol People sharing there fukked up life lol !!!!