Evga nvidia 8800 gts and Intel Pentium D 3.4

i want to sell my graphics card

evga 8800 gts superclocked 320mb 320bits, good condition, complete specs are avialable online


Intel Pentium D 3.4 dual core 2mb cache

package contains - box, card , dvi to 15 pin connector x 2 and a processor

residence - lahore (residents of lahore will be preffered)

contact - 03214446993

price - 10000 \ rs (negotiable)

dealing method - cash

be free to give any kind of suggestion!!!

image url =http://img.tomshardware.com/us/2007/05/09/system_builder_marathon/mid_range_video.jpg

i will also give ASUS Silent square heatsink for the cpu in this package. what more do u want?

How much for the processor alone?

please place a bid, i dont know for how much i should sell it - i have round about 4000 in mind.

Your location and can you please let me know the final price of the processor alone...Not the Graphics Card.......Reply ASAP

i am giving processor and the cpu cooler both for 4000(asus silent square), i cannot give you only cpu for less price because the heatsink has no use for me, if i sell the cpu.

location = Lahore

this also means the new price for 8800 is 6000rs.

u selling ur 8800gts for 6000 ???

dude are u serious??

i have the xfx one , but its Alpha dog edition.

and i got it 2 months b4 @15,000

i need ur heatsink:

what price do u want ??

i kan give u 900 RS??


please specify.... is the price too high or too low. and i have no use of selling things seperately. if u r interested in the processor also then i might rethink..!

and new xfx 8800 gts (640 mb) is still 14500/- at galaxy lahore.

i was talking abt 2 months b4 :S

500 aint a bad fall dude..

mine is alpha dog

i m saying dat u r selling it too much cheap

u shud take atleast 8K dude..

come on..

i have c2d e8200 man

no use of cpu for me.. and that guy was also asking u too gi ve him processor...

btw u kan sell me sink if u want,,

ur CAll...

thanks man for ur advice, i would sell it for 8k if sm1 was willing to buy, i started with 8.5k and ended at 6k, no one wants 8800 such a shame!!!! and i have the processor installed on this machine,

if i find the buyer for the cpu, ill give the cpu cooler to you.

dude if you were in karachi i would have gladly taken both the things from your hand but alas this was not meant to be.

Please post some pics of the processor as well...I'll buy the processor

please wait till tomorrow, i will indeed upload some pics of all the stuff, there is no electricity and i have a paper today :(

and also if i have to send the hardware to karachi, how do i do it and how much time and fee it will cost, how will someone send me the money?

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dude if you were in karachi i would have gladly taken both the things from your hand but alas this was not meant to be.

Dude : m also in karachi :D

Please check ur PM

i got a customer for ur card ,,

he is in karachi

kan give u 5K

no the price is fixed, only customers from lahore contact, ty


Locally in lahore

TY all.

please close this thread!