Even Twitter’s getting the s--ts with Twitter

:D Who is on twitter here ? :P

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IF you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of inane updates on Twitter, you’re not alone — it seems even the website’s staff get the s--ts with it occasionally.

This afternoon a message from the official Twitter account gently lambasted users for flooding a discussion with useless updates.

Twitter had asked for feedback on a small design change to include a search tool on the homepage.

“If you’re seeing the new sidebar search, please send feedback to @twitter and include #sidey in your tweet,” said the first message.

After a deluge of posts ranging from useless to beyond useless – including people posting just “sidey”, saying hello to “sidey” or announcing that “sidey rocks!” – Twitter clarified its request.

“You don’t need to @twitter #sidey just to say that you have the sidebar search,” said an apparently frustrated staff member.

“(Thanks, though. :) Just tell us what you *think* of it.”




btw what is twitter?

i mean what exactly is twitter..?? i neva tried it..

^ A boring social networking where you post your daily updates, Even when you go to bathroom ;P



i didnt got the bathroom thingi?? :/

He's just being sarcastic. (but LOL at the remark - so true!)

deleted bcoz later found about some inappropraite content about the creators of the clip. Sorry.

^ hhahahahah lmao. lol dude. funny video