Error regarding Suffering 1


Hi guys . I am new to this forum and I wanna ask you guys a question .

I am facing some problems with the above mentioned game . Actually the game works but I cannot see my own character . The shadow do appear and the environment seems fine . I tried all kind of setting yet in vain .

Any suggestion will be appreciated in high esteems .


may be its an FPS game...

edit: no its not..


Surely it is not a FPS game .

Seems like you didn't get my point . I cannot see any of the character . Only vague figures,moving shadows & floating weapons . ( The environment seems perfect. )


theres an issue with your graphics settings.

To solve keep change your graphics settings, disable everything then increase and test one by one till it gets fixed


@ deffury

How am I supposed to change my grphics settings and are you telling of settings of the game itself or those of the computer .

Anyway, thanks for your reply.


Change The game's settings, if its still causing issues then download a new driver of your gfx


I had already tried the game settings and they are not working . Seems like I have to go with the other one . I'll post back if it works .