Enquiry about OS windows!

salaam to all,

friends i am little bit confused that how long windows sould work perfectly because my windows has been slow down after 2 months.

Average age of Windows installation is between 3 months to 9 months. That's what "experts" say, I am not sure.

Though, many people successfully able to continue using Windows installation even after 2 to 3 years with little or negligible slowing down. Or maybe they get used to of error messages popping up and slowing down of overall machine performance.

With constant battling with Windows' spies/worms/rootkits/viruses and of course constant upgrading of anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-rootkit etc. etc. you can keep your blood warm too :) As Iqbal said in his poetry :D

It depends on YOU. I am using my 2 year old installed windows xp without any flaws. But also many of my friends re-install windows each month for no good reason.

So... It depends on YOU.

Mine is working fine for more than 2 years. :D

IMO the key to the long life of windows is to use a good anti-virus and regularly update it. Plus u can use utilities like registry repair tools and windows tune up utilities to increase the life of ur windows. :)

You are paranoid. :P

I think, mine works for 9 months or so, of course with antivirus, antispyware, and firewall......with these three, it will work just for a week.....

As someone already said it depends on how much experienced the user is to know how to maintain and fix windows, which is like a big bulldog which needs to be held with a tight leash, and occasionally pulled hard :D.

Though even so, there is no doubt that whatever you do, more programs you install on your pc, the more slower it becomes to some extent. It happens on Linux as well, but not this much. And one more thing which probably someone else might have also noticed is that windows tend to get a little bit slower the more time passes since their restart/boot.

Use ccleaner and uninstall any programs you do not use. Uncheck any unncessary programs starting at startup and run a good virus scanner in background all the time, also have a good firewall. This way no more reinstalls for OS for years.